Can you tell us a bit more about that?

He needs discipline.

Is it in the room?

I've had enough of Elaine.


I remember what Sekar used to be like.


Your philosophy of life is different than mine.

He watched it holding his breath.

I read a womanly expression on her face.

There may be some truth to this.

The baby girl didn't let me see the toy.

You didn't complain, did you?

The sea after the storm was calm.

Why are you lying to her?

God heard my prayers.

I don't have as many of these as I wish I had.

Ann is second to none in tennis.

Anne is now staying at his uncle's house.

It's not time.

You're not as young as Darci.

Timothy fired his secretary.


He was born of poor parents.

I'll make some dinner.

I'd like to get together with you before I leave for Europe.


She murdered her husband.

How beautiful that flower is!

Brad used to steal apples from his neighbor's tree.

How long does it take to walk to your house from here?

Donal is in Australia right now.

Place the pan in the oven.

When you're done with the book, put it back where you found it.

Do you feel like having a bite to eat?

Look at this high mountain!

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We really need to talk to her.

I found a nice tie for you.

Darci laughed at Spencer's jokes.


Page expected Tandy to disagree with him, but she didn't.

I think Sandeep played well.

I thought you were going to quit.


Where is the nearest tavern?

I've got to find out where Roman lives.

Some of us had things to do.


I haven't met her.


The rain didn't stop them from doing their job.

I'd say Connie is jealous.

They won't find us here.

Can you bring her back?

Where did he go after the lecture?

Kit became popular.

I'm not sure whether I'm doing this right.

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I am too tired to climb.

Pia might be a little mad at me.

I took a walk in the mountains.


The temperature has suddenly dropped.


Connie knew Teriann was lying to John.

The doctor told Hiroyuki he needed to eat a more balanced diet.

Welcome to my life.

He actually thought that the human body extended into other dimensions that we can't perceive. What a funny man!

The two boys cooked their meal between them.


That bridge is made of stone.

I saw a strange moving object in the sky.

Gill wants to be a designer.

Hillary didn't feel like eating.

Why should men get all the good jobs?

I bought the book for ten dollars.

"I'm not a monster!", said Don.

He had, I thought, no right to do that.

The confessional allows to negotiate on errors.

Are you ready for year 2012?

Genius is nothing more than one's rediscovered youth.


Mah is an expert in this field.

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I always thought Cliff and Jarmo would get married.


She has a sense of fashion.

Alice did not see the dog.

Only in philosophy can you use a circular argument and get praised for it.

Reinhard walked to the bus stop.

I don't have a lot of patients.


I saw him coming upstairs.


I want to have a talk with you.


My salary is very low.


This child is teething now.

Switch it on.

I flipped him the bird.

Quiet, please.

We have no choice. I guess we'll have to walk.

They've found survivors.

The Huns pillaged the village and burned it to the ground.

It's a bit crowded in here.

I asked Hazel for some advice.


It's the only logical explanation.

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Be discreet.


I hope Elizabeth is going to do what he's supposed to do.


Has Cathryn already made an offer?

She was clothed in wool.

The movie is showing today at 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

The hill glows with autumnal colors.

Additional details weren't made available.

Everybody in the room let out a sigh of relief.

The papers got blown away.

Pluto is closer to the sun than Neptune for about 8% of its orbit.

In the morning, she called her office to say that she was taking a day off.

He has been hospitalized.

I'm glad you're over your cold.

It looks like those two have made up.

Charlene only drinks coffee.

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His father wanted him to be a doctor.


Why don't you come to the zoo with me?

Natraj asked me to pick him up at the station.

Play the hand you're dealt.

The lines of this field run between magnetic north and magnetic south at the two poles.

I'll go tell Kyle the good news.

You need to go there yourself.

We aren't used to being spoken to by a foreigner.

What was the last concert you went to?

What a pleasant surprise!


My family have lived here for twenty years.


If it's free, get as much as you can.


He earned money by delivering newspapers.


They wanted to sign the agreement first.


There is a school down the mountain.


Theo doesn't make enough money to support his family.

I told you I didn't want this.

It was really exciting.

Pierre is quite a bit taller than Floria.

He can probably have any woman he wants.

I put in for a transfer.

I can't approve the plan.

I don't think he'll know how to do that work.

You make me happy.


I regret that I have to inform you of the bad news.

We need to fight against women's oppression.

You should do something with your hair.


Right now I'm reading a book that has been written in English about French grammar.

It's gotten cold. Be careful you don't catch a cold.

Colin was well liked.


I thought Randolph was supposed to be here by now.

Do you still want me, Patrice?

I think the only problem I have now is being shut in at home.

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You washed yourself.

The boat goes down the river.

Vickie admitted having done wrong.


I am unmaking my bed.

Today the civilized world is opening its borders for the sake of international cooperation, and only Russia is "subjugating" new lands and peoples. The largest country in the world is rushing headlong into the Middle Ages.

The one who pays the bills calls the shots.

Do you guys want to eat here?

I like this work because you see the result immediately; it's very rewarding.

Kemal had nothing to drink yesterday.

We'll investigate the matter.

How much did you guys spend?

Josh wanted to wash his hands.

Do people really say that?

How come you know French so well?

It's not a crime.

Your problem is you don't study enough.

It's a vicious cycle.

We can open the window.

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Ping turned to look at Ozan.

Knapper sat very still on the couch.

Never look directly at the Sun, even for a second! It will damage your eyesight forever!

Presley drank the whole bottle of wine all by himself.

A miniscule proportion of the population understand what neutrons and protons are.

Sean wants to know what's going on.

How did you come up with that number?