Without advice, you would have failed.

We have very little time, so listen carefully.


This stuff is dynamite.


Kuldip did the work himself.

I'll let you know as soon as I get there.

I'll be in my office if you need me.

Pay more attention to intonation when you speak English.

You cannot achieve anything without effort.

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I got sick.

I am always ready to help you.

I'm going to get some air.

Ning wanted Louie's phone number, but she refused to give it to him.

It was where you told me it would be.

It's a little crowded in here.

His eyes locked with mine.


I booked a seat.

Bjorne's behavior was bad.

It's 7:45.

The rain made it impossible for me to drive fast.

"Do you love me just because I am a foreigner?" "Yes, I like the color of your eyes, your skin and your hair, not to mention your lovely accent. "

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I finally got through the test.

My mother bought some apples at a fruit store.

I think I understand.


You did good work today.

Chet is being very obedient today, isn't he?

Let it dry.

The news soon spread that he was on his way.

She is smarter than he is.

Wake up, Moore.

This is the first time I've ever coated my house with plaster.

Classical liberalism deifies abstractions and objectifies humans.

I guess having zero shame is the price of genius.

I can solve the problem by myself.

I cannot think that I will ever meet him.


They say there are bright-colored frogs, but I've never seen them.

As a child, Van Horne collected fossils.

There once lived a rich man in this town.

There is no hope of success.

Thanks for sticking around till the end of the concert.

You're the expert here, Rainer.

I didn't go to school last month.

The more you practice, the less likely you are to make a mistake.

I've been studying French since I was thirteen.

I'm the one who called you guys.

They say he is diligent.


Why would Tommy be angry?


That was a stupid question.


Are those the people you saw yesterday?

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I'm not sure when I should be there.

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Tell me something about him.

Why are you staring at me?

He is very bright, and what is more, he studies hard.

Cristi should be back by 2:30.

I worked as hard as I could so I didn't fail.


She came to know the fact.

What do you think you're doing out here?

There's not a moment to waste.

The sign had significance though.

Let him talk.

Kurt left to go fishing shortly before dawn.

We know who they are.


I came to talk to Avery.


It's not rocket science.

It was a hamburger of epic dimensions!

Sorry. I could hardly find this place.

Costs are rising too fast.

I cut off a part of my pantleg and used it as bandage.

I'm sorry, today is fully booked.

Something's got to give.

Did you hear your name called?

Let's get together again sometime soon.


Finally I had an ingenious idea.


The teachers' room and the gym are being renovated.


They set about building a house.

I should tell them, right?

It's all settled.


I hate the taste of my saliva after eating chocolate.

Her voice still rings in my ears.

John is as old as I am.

The event starts at noon.

What's the number for the Tokyo Dome?

She advised me to stay away from him.

Those are sunflowers.

Mean men's talk is enough to imperil the world.

The pond has dried up.

Would you give me some travel brochures from your country?

He slammed his door shut.

The job earns him half a million yen every month.

Hand out the maps to us.

We like the snow.

I don't need Raif to tell me anything.


He died of a drug overdose.


There is a waterfall above the bridge.

We have oodles of cash.

It's been thirty years since we got married.

Plastic didn't know what to do with the extra food.

The police will find us if we stay here.

The deer is more rapid than strong.

That Joseph will run.


I just want to hibernate.

Marisol and Johnny are eating some pizza.

We were having problems with Pedro.

Love if you want to be loved.

I don't know exactly what to do.


He asked me a question.

That's a low blow.

We left early so that we can catch the first train.

I can't wait for the weekend to begin.

It is not as simple as it seems.

Why don't we take a little break?

The old woman is ninety years old, but her cognitive abilities are impressive.


Do you miss your old job?

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The temperature in different places can vary greatly at the same time of year.

You always were good at learning new songs.

He who does not see anything strange has never looked a lobster in the eyes.

I would like to become a famous soccer player.

I know what's going to happen tomorrow morning.

He gives me a bad time, as he always does.

I've never seen anything quite like this before.

She works hard to earn her living.

I'm just being sarcastic.


It is said that there is a treasure buried around here.


She needs to be very careful when she crosses the street.

There was blood on Ricardo's pillow.

The international language Interlingue was published in 1922 under the name Occidental.


Edmund doesn't use Facebook.

Cory always seems to be very busy and doesn't seem to have much free time.

Gilles stood rigid.

I found it impossible to lift the box.

I am becoming accustomed to the severe climate here bit by bit.

I'm not calling him.

Don't worry, mom. I'll be alright!

Who found him?

I have a little time for reading these days.

He has been working out to develop his muscles.

The submarine finally came to the surface.

The policeman has done very well.

Where's your baggage?

You're not dead yet.

It was not that he felt any emotion akin to love for her.

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I tried to warn Amanda.

Nancy is a hard girl for me to deal with.

I'm sure Micky would approve.

Nancy bought a high-efficiency front-loading washing machine.

Entering a university is not the purpose of my life.

It's all your own fault.

The students at that school wear uniforms.

I have been studying Chinese for two years.

I'm going to do what I've been told.

Recently, I moved to a new apartment.

She lives in a fantasy world.


Are you a Japanese citizen?


You're frightening the guests.

He became ever more famous as a critic.

He doesn't behave himself once he's drunk.

Who was that man waiting outside?

Lea only drinks decaffeinated coffee.

A spectrometer uses light to identify the chemical composition of matter.

What does Kevan need this for?

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That book is of no use.

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How is it with you?


For once in my life I'm doing a good deed... And it is useless.

Tell me again what happened.

I used to go home to eat back then.

You'll be ruined.

Debbie said he's Canadian.