This isn't their fault.

My friend Sun shine on me now and ever.

Maybe I'll see you later.

Let's do this as a first step.

The discussion was heated.

I felt lucky.


I can't come today, and not tomorrow, either.


"I don't know," admitted Floria.

Her air of innocence is apparent, not real.

I am feeling up-lifted at the thought of it.

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Elijah has always had a big crush on you.

If you bring us some books, the time will seem shorter to us.

Oh, is that the way you milk a cow?

I want to be there for him.

Tell me you didn't take it.

At this point not only have I still not had a girlfriend, but I also have lost interest in trying, thanks to my brother's nasty bitch that drove him to suicide... So yeah, I'm more distrusting of relationships now. I won't refuse them, but I honestly don't think I'll even try for a while.

She made up her mind to go abroad.

It was funny.

The girl had flowing hair.

They submitted the case to the court.

Kiss the fifth man from the left.

If your essay is on the short side, you can always pad it out with a few quotations.

Oliver doesn't look like the man in the picture.


How much did it cost?

The only thing I can do is bring a cup of tea.

Do you have a boyfriend back home?

My ex-boyfriend just called me out of the blue.

Hirofumi was driven out of the temple.

I always thought that a heart attack was nature's way of telling you you're going to die.

I'll help you do that if you want me to.

After dinner, a movie announcement is made.

Now, let's see some enthusiasm.

There is little, if any, difference between the two.

Our country produces a lot of sugar.

I'm glad that I still live here.

Throughout Europe, people withdrew their money from banks.


She squeezed a lemon for tea.

Please add more coffee.

I am going to Tokyo tomorrow.

Takao talked Tricia into inviting John to the party.

I looked Ira in the eyes and told him the truth.


Mr Smith had three sons who became engineers.


I heard what happened at school.

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Duane said you liked baseball.

Work and play are both necessary to health.

I gave her a sedative.

Rathnakumar hasn't slept for three days.

Barton finally came up with a solution to the problem.

I just saw one.

There has always been war and there always will be.


Guess what Vince will do.

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We're all alone here.

The money is due to him.

Why did it happen?

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Would you mind me smoking here?


Erwin and Pim always seem to be arguing.

Since the Creator had made the facts of the after-life inaccessible to man, He must not have required that man understand death in order to live fruitfully.

Everyone cheered.


She is, in a word, a dreamer.


Cecilia caught Raghu trying to steam open an envelope addressed to him.

Fred found the experience terrifying.

I don't know when the husband called.

Klaus looked a little uncomfortable.

He's so good looking!

All men are equal according to law.

You did well not to follow his advice.

Cows provide us with milk.

The cake turned out quite well, even though she hadn't stuck to the recipe.


Information is given in English at every airport.


Kathleen put down his spoon and picked up his cup.

I can't care anymore.

I was feeling OK then.

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I know what you could've done.

The monument was set up in the park.

I prefer biking.


Never have I heard such beautiful music.

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The forensic analysis couldn't determine where the mud had come from.

Frederic knows the Secretary of State.

Rajesh doesn't have much time to waste.


I don't harvest your olives.

They're from Greece.

If you'd like, I could talk to Mwa.

I think I could help.

Lida was from Colombia. I met her when I was in Madrid.

The tourist bus crossed the border.

I saw no other choice.

An uninvited guest is a pleasant surprise.

This is the man I've been waiting for.


I'm younger than her.


The youngest boy dropped behind the other tourists.

I'd like to confirm my hotel reservation on May 5th.

They gave mutual help to each other.

Alastair died just three days after Geoff was born.

In Russia women hit you, and not vice versa.

More people live in the northern part of the city.

Mushrooms are not for rent and the gingerbread house is not to let at the moment.

I've already eaten breakfast.

I don't know what to sing.

Sean has developed his own method for rapid learning of a foreign language. He reads books, focusing on understanding the meaning and not paying attention to the sentences' grammatical structure.

She likes jazz.

Her insistence was right. She did not need to feel ashamed.

We must get together for a drink some time.

I think it's fascinating.

All of this stationery is his.

You said you could play the piano.

Stamps are sold here.

My brother doesn't speak English at all.

I could use your help.

I'm aware of that possibility.

I have something else I need you to do.

Don't talk about it in my mother's presence.

I'd like a glass of red wine, please.

May I keep this photograph?

The trouble is that they only think of themselves.

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We want to do this right.

The flower needs watering. The leaves are already wilted.

I've got my college interview tomorrow. Hopefully I'll pass.

He told her to study.

Jerusalem is a city of tunnels and underpasses.

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Where's my dinner?

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How did Vice know what Pierette was going to say?


You can see the sun peeking through the clouds.

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Please sell me that.

She made rice.

She thrilled to his saying so.

How much public money has been spent on that project?

Sometimes we argue about things that don't matter that much.

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You must do it much more carefully.

I read the whole book in one evening.

Butterflies are beautiful.

The greengrocer is very kind to his customers.

Make sure you don't do anything stupid.


The downfall is inevitable.


He is the love of my life.

I got up an hour ago.

Your response is not perfect at all.

Let me say one thing.

I haven't seen her in three days.


It seems as though we have a mole in our midst.

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Raif graduated from college in 2003.

How'd they treat you in jail, Panzer?

She is clearly insane.

I barely managed to catch the train.

Poetry is what is lost in translation. It is also what is lost in interpretation.

He doesn't have a mind of his own.

Women change the world.

Are you being bitten by mosquitoes?

I guess it's the only way to bear one of his concerts.


Haven't I suffered enough?

I wish I'd been here three hours ago.

My favorite music is pop music.

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The man talking with our boss is Hiroshi.

Some have come to meet their friends and others to see theirs off.

Ozan says a lot of things that aren't quite true.


I'm actually very happy.

Who? Me?

Seymour was finally arrested.

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The country advanced in civilization.

The number of fools is infinite.

I accepted his invitation.


He's a seven-year-old boy.


They never seem to get together on anything.