She grabbed her purse and left.

Regardless of the bad weather, I decided to go out.


I really ought to stop writing so many confusing and roundabout sentences that - I am sure - no-one can begin to understand.

Think before you do it.

How did this dangerous state come about?

The strangest thing is that he saved his arch enemy from an unavoidable death.

I shall not change my mind, no matter what happens.


I haven't seen Suu this morning.


I am the last remaining worshipper of the goddess Demeter.


Why would Panacea come back?


She was injured in a fall.


Don't cross the street!


That woman who picked a fight with me was being very disrespectful.

She dreamt a happy dream last night.

She decided on marrying Glynn.

If blaming me makes you feel better, go right ahead.

Could you give her a minute?

Forget about him.

Those of you that live in Boston know what the problem is.


Will you leave a message?

I've always wanted to write a children's book.

David received a patdown search at the airport.

I came here to meet you.

Let's just enjoy this peace and quiet.

Antonella is popping a wheelie on his motorcycle.

"Where do you live?" "I live in Tokyo."

Keep it on you.

It tastes very good, doesn't it?


I wish I had a room of my own.


How did Ro ever get Kenn to go out with him?

I explained why we had to do it.

I think otherwise.

We must move quickly.

English people call elevators "lifts".

Coconut oil does wonders!

Saiid tried to stay away from Honzo.


Let's play.

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He has large blue eyes.

Did anyone see you come in?

Now that you are a high school student, you are responsible for what you do.


Greg doesn't want to deal with this problem now.

Carlos lost again.

Who's the strongest kid?


I won't tell them.

No official complaint was filed.

OK, let's get this over with.

What months are in the calendar?

Laurianne is a weakling.

The snake bit me in the leg.

Despite the seriousness of his illness, Mr Robinson is in good spirits.


Who would care?


I used to live with them.

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I've come to speak with you.

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I've got an exam in a few minutes, and I'm going to fail for sure.


Take a shower, now!

The invention of the telephone caused a revolution in our way of living.

I assume Henry is here to help.

I don't want him to die.

I know what you are thinking.

I'll boil you the potatoes.

How come you didn't say anything?

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Maurice went outside.

I want to make a pie.

I ate lunch at around eleven because I was hungry

Amish romance novels have become popular lately.

I must go back to my planet now.

Be careful. It's a fierce bull.

He who will succeed must work hard.


I just spoke to her over there.

I know how dangerous Heather is.

Dennis wanted to expand his business.


But your function isn't Lipschitz continuous!

My father is bound for London.

Are you thirsty?

They got drunk together.

I was moved to pity.

We're supposed to try to solve our problems by ourselves.

I'm glad they're doing it.

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She has otherwordly powers!

Do you know how fast you were going?

You're an extremely beautiful young woman.

Les killed them.

The cat was lying stretched out at full length in the sunlight streaming through the window.

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They are both so lovely!


We're dealing with it.

I was accused of eating the boss's lunch.

She thought it was stupid.


He was forced to work overtime.


My father took us to the zoo.

I made it work.

You're getting too emotional.

The prisoners have vanished.

She shuddered at the sight of the one-eyed cat.

Gunnar believes that the greatest fortune of man is a life full of purpose.

Tomas believes the earth is flat.

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She has flowers in her hand.

What a treasure!

I won't let you speak to me that way.

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We need each other right now.


He felt it was his duty to go.


Karen sang better than Holly did.

Please bring me some glasses.

My plan failed time after time.


Jon isn't so well-mannered.

I can't get over you.

I have nothing to do.

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What was the name of the hotel? I can't recall it.

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I have to buy a new scanner.

Lifeguards are not yet on duty.

Randal just lent me some books.


You must be prepared for an emergency.

Mickey needed it.

Pratt wants to become a priest.

I've got to take my library books back before January 25th.

It's very strange.


She is playing poker with them.

Frank drank straight from the can.

Johan has a couple of bank accounts Willie doesn't know about.


I have two questions for you.

She joined us.

We have to wait and see.

She has a large mansion.

The factory will begin to produce next year.

We paid for it.

No one helped me when I was in trouble.

The cat meowed.

A celebrity is a person who is known for his well-knownness.

I didn't say a single word.

It's Leonard's party tonight and I haven't got anything to wear!

You've been pretty busy, haven't you?

Can we talk here?

The baby held out his tiny hand.

The room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

He swallowed a piece of toast because he was starving.

The organ started to play.

If he doesn't accept the job, some other person will.

What is this thing used for?

I shave my beard every morning.

Victory, or death!

What he needs is practice.

Nancy is looking at the floor.

Sue arrived with food and drinks.

Let me pass, please.

Did you choose yet?

How do you draw so well? I've never been able to do that.

I know how much she meant to you.

The plant's closure spelt disaster for the town.

Mt. Fuji was very fantastic.

You were right about this.

I am convinced of your innocence.

He raised his hand as if to command silence.

The boomerang hurtled whistling through the air.

She wanted him to tell her that he loved her.


He can do both at the same time.


He has no more than five English books.


Are you cool with that?

Could you close the door, please?

The ham arrived.

If so, what can we do about it? Do you want to make a proposal?

This boy is his brother.