I know some of these girls.

I'm not allowed to go there.


He loved Tracy.

The noise will wake the baby up.

You're so picky.

Carl began to beat Duke.

Seymour definitely needs to be a bit more sociable.

I expect a subway station will be here in the future.

The moon was shining bright.

This woman is blind.

He seems interested in me.

Can a cup of tea remedy anything?

I'm sure Lucifer is proud as well.

Lin needs to do something.

How clever!

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This area is pressurized.

It's payback time.

She's a professional cake decorator.

Paul put his hat on the table.

I can't get you a reservation just then; is later OK?

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Yvonne looks frustrated.

I'm sorry if I misled you.

Something wicked this way comes.

Where was I supposed to go?

My brother is waiting for me at the school.

Are you getting all this?

I don't think Phil would deny it.

The clouds are getting darker and darker and it's beginning to look like it might rain.

Follow his example.

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One plus two makes three.


We brought you enough food.

The questions in yesterday's examination were far easier than I had expected.

There's a bomb on the plane.

He looks like a Greek god.

I couldn't do that.


Let's try to swim against the current.

We're not going anywhere now.

You never told me what happened last night.

I told Marion what I saw.

We're glad this all worked out so well.

Was he really boring?

Why don't we invite Jeannette to dinner?

Jarl really liked this song.

I didn't know whether to stay here or go to London.


How familiar are you with my case?


Behind thermodynamics lie the movements of atoms and molecules following the laws of motion learned in the first volume.

I will remain.

Scot doesn't like that plan at all.


You threw salt?


He complained about the room being too hot and humid.


I had to get out of there.

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This really isn't hard.

Look at the past and learn by it, look at the present and live by it, look at the future and dream by it.

She tried to keep her presence of mind.

Where should I wait for the shuttle bus?

Oh, what? You don't know?

We can't get along without Cristina.

You may go anywhere.

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Justice without mercy is cruelty; mercy without justice is the mother of dissolution.


Giovanni usually gets up before six.


I can beat you to the station.

Click the OK button.

She threw her hands up in horror when she saw what he had done.


Taurus invited me to her house after school.

She goes to the library every other day.

He is the boy of whom we spoke the other day.

Who paid your tuition?

The answer is complicated.

Whether he succeeds or fails, he has to do his best.

I'm glad we were able to spend some time together.

We can't avoid putting off our departure.

What are you going to say?

You have an alternative.

I wanted your opinion.


We must consider what to do next.

This kind of blanket needs good airing.

Did you have any difficulty in finding my house?


Harris knows what that means.

I only hope we can get this done on time.

It is one thing to own a library; It is quite another to use it wisely.


They're doing it to me out of spite.

Green is the color of money.

That hurts.

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Miltos is becoming more like his mother every day.

Never trust your enemy.

Nancy and Jane had to go back home at five thirty.

I'm sure you've been told this already.

We were all worried.

Malloy tried to put the broken pieces back together.

How can you afford a place like this?


She was playing on the swing in the park when a stranger came near and offered her sweets.

We've forgotten something.

Did you do this on your own?


"My metabolism is such that no matter how much I eat I don't put on weight." "Just now, this second, you've made enemies of people throughout the world."


My friend is opposed to my opinion.

My car needs a new battery.

Do you eat spaghetti by twirling it around your fork?


Major heard coughing.


Chip is quite naive, isn't he?

Real estate agencies have many independent brokers.

Dana never shouts.

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You can't force me to do that.


You must not live beyond your means.


Rebecca showed me around the campus.


What do you recommend?

I think the final score between Barcelona and Real Madrid will be 2-0.

That way of talking is typical of him.

Only 2.1 percent of the music albums released in 2009 sold 5,000 copies or more.

I'd better go look for him.


There's a warrant out for your arrest.


I am interested in the study of insects.

Marco had lunch with Rodney.

I can't figure it out.

We hate the rules.

It's pointless. However much we try, we won't succeed. Now admit it.

I was offered a new job.

Christofer is going to be here any minute now.

I don't want to watch this video.

He came up with a party of hikers.

In this country, even universities are free of charge.

We'll go.

I wonder what Larry is waiting for.

Will you make room for me?

Get that off my table.

Where does your best friend live?

You have a watch.

I'm not sure if it's a male or a female.

"Will you have some more coffee?" "No, thanks. I've had enough."

If you add lemon, it will become sour.

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It is doubtful whether her song will become popular.

Foxes are wild animals.

The wart on my thumb bled badly after picking at it all afternoon.


We eat butter on bread.

I'm glad it wasn't me.

Will you swim with them?

Can you take me?

That is quite possible.


My grandmother underwent surgery in Germany.


Ed said he wasn't worried.


What a funny man!

Did the dog bark?

I have to return this book today.

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Jisheng told me to wash my face.


We're geniuses.

You'd better tell Darrell soon.

Have you ever fed a crocodile?

Your photograph doesn't do you justice.

She ignored him pretty much all day.


In Japan, we still sometimes see someone use an abacus, but not as often as we used to.

Students aren't allowed in the teachers' lounge.

We could use some new ideas.

He does not have the money for buying a new car.

We hold that economy will soon improve.

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I want a bottle of Coca-Cola.

Ann isn't allowed to leave the country.

Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times.

Well, give back the money.

Perhaps the train has been delayed.

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The news caused a huge stir.