Are you certain about that?

A dog was run over by a truck.


She is the woman I am marrying.

I found the rumor to be true to a certain extent.

I wasn't careful enough.

Peggy started to walk toward his office.

The parents of Bernadette were very embarrassed to reply to any questions, because they haven't seen her for a long time now.


I'd appreciate it if you'd wait a little bit longer.


She is a good dancer.

She's in grave danger.

How long should I take this medicine?

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Gross national product is a nation's total output of goods and services during a given period of time as measured in monetary value.

Jerald was out of town yesterday.

Stuart is digging a hole.

Fish or cut bait.

The land was converted into a park.

Malloy and Syed were wrong about that.

Kimberly gets up before dawn most mornings.

I have two children.

Is fishing from this bridge permitted?

In any case, it's too late.

Where did you learn Italian?

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You will be delayed for only thirty minutes at worst.

Has Tolerant been invited?

He gathered his children around him.

I hope everything will be fine in the end.

They were criticizing each other.

Who does the cooking in your home?

You can't hide the fact that you're having a hard time. Bad news travels fast you know.


I've got a wife at home.


When do I get there?


Winds from the sea are humid.


The Arctic is the area round the North Pole.

The Norman victory over England had a big impact on the English language.

Thanks for helping.


I have seen her once in a TV drama.

She made Butler an offer he couldn't refuse.

Duane spent all night worrying about what might happen.

They're creepy.

We searched all over for them.


The girl was given a prize for good conduct.

Are there people whose mother tongue is Esperanto?

I've known Straka a real long time.


She had something weird on her head.

The district attorney has lodged a complaint against you for witness tampering.

The police threatened to send her to jail.

He asks me to be attentive.

Compare the signatures.

Where can Agatha have gone?

Before buying shoes, you should try them on.

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At the end of the path there was a mailbox. One day, there was an exciting letter in it, and it was for me.

That doesn't seem fair.

You're the most incredible person I've ever met.


"What's your poison?" "Oh, give me a gin and tonic."


Given good weather, we will reach there tomorrow.

Your software should be updated.

I'd like to see that happen.

That isn't necessary.

Would you pass the salad?

It's on its way.

In algebra a monomorphism is an injective homomorphism.

What have you got to lose?

It was such a fine day that we had a very good time.

What is the point of life anyway, said the young fool.

It's as sure as death.


What Sonny saw made him unhappy.

I'd hate to have to go there with Russ.

She does this every single time.

Shut up, you're distracting me.

I saw her earlier this morning.

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Do you want to get something to eat?

What'll you do then?

I would like a room.

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Is it fine if I explain in English? Anyone who wouldn't be comfortable with English, please raise your hand.

I felt something crawling on my back.

This is a play on words.

I can't keep up with Ellen, but it's fun trying.

I love Jane, and I like that.

The violet is violet.

This is only known by Obama.

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Don't leave library books in the classroom.

Don't tell Les I chickened out, OK?

I want to thank you for all you've done.

He didn't die happily.

Has something happened to him?

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We will have a discussion concerning the prognosis.

He is her friend.

Bernie's hands began to shake.

I have a funny feeling about this.

Who should we give it to?

Why do you want them?

Sorry to trouble you, but my car is broken, can you help me?


He kept us waiting for a long time.


I am looking forward to hearing from him.

Nobody knew that Manjeri was a dangerous child molester.

Use your head.

Do you know what Laurianne is suggesting?

Why am I wandering blindly about?

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No matter what may happen, you mustn't forget your smile.


I'll thank her.

An old person is a bridge between the past and the present.

Cheese, butter, cream, yogurt and kefir are dairy products.

I'm sorry you've gone.

Wendi has another problem as well.


And is not the bodily pain which follows every excess a manifest declaration of the divine will?

I thought you said Juliane didn't live in Boston anymore.

You can give Merat mine.

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I've learned a great deal about Barry.


Russ is not an Adonis but he's certainly very attractive as he gets out of his Lamborghini in his Armani suit.

I'm going out for some fresh air.

His dream has realized.

I've always hated this place.

I could go with Maria.

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I had hardly fallen asleep when the telephone rang.

Here's the key, here's the contract.

Hang your coat on the hook.

This may be relevant.

I'll give you a ride.

How many lessons is the examination going to cover?

That wouldn't be a good thing.


Dean is respectful.

We have no objection to your joining us in our club.

I feel better already.

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Scientists have been discovering new drugs, so there is always hope for the unconscious person.


Lori is concerned about funding.

Do you speak Italian?

Where did you shear them?


Pedro's headstrong.

Have you breakfasted?

I've been told I snore.

I saw a man's face inside the window.

Richard talks as if he already knows the secret.

Doesn't anyone know how long we are going to be here?

I appreciate your help.

I play the piano after supper.

Sid had no way of knowing that the dam wouldn't hold.


I don't think Kathleen will believe Geoffrey.


We're done playing around.

I have books that I have reread several times.

I'm not disorganized.

I agree with everyone else.

Ron hesitated to tell Dorian the truth.

Caffeine is addictive.

Introduce me to your friend Peter.


I am going to be loved.


That is your reasoning.


That is a new story to me.

Why did you shave off your beard?

He said, "I'm from Canada."

My little finger is swollen.

The calf muscle is located on the back of the lower leg.

The lake has frozen over but I'm not sure the ice is strong enough to walk on.

Matt severs ties with anyone that insults him.

My father works for a power company.

Keep your place.

The rose has thorns only for those who want to touch it.

Where did you study?

It was very disturbing.

I should never have stolen that.

We've talked to Timothy.

She cried crocodile tears when he left.

The machine has stopped functioning.

This is getting awkward.