Hui said it wasn't smart to do this.


The Department of Homeland Security's primary function is the prevention of terrorist attacks occurring within America and, in the extreme case of an attack happening, holding losses to the smallest possible level and swiftly carrying out restoration.

Our negotiations broke off.

The price includes the postage charge.

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The event starts at 1pm.

Maybe we're not supposed to be doing this.

Janice said he wants to meet you.


Jay took over.

She sighed over her unhappy fate.

When I get home, someone will be cleaning the garage.

Albert abandoned his wife and joined the army.

It is said that there is a treasure buried around here.

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Charley bought a weekly magazine at the station.

She left her dog in my room.

Have you guys seen her?

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Molly and Phil come from the same town.

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Vilhelm may be a thief.

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The newspaper says that the typhoon hit Kyushu.

I loved going to the beach.

We can rest after lunch.

That's not why.

All these pictures are of me.

Leon declined our job offer.

Beckie certainly gets a nice sound out of that old bassoon.


I can vividly imagine that.

I started doing this job three years ago.

I'm sure Les can speak French.

On his getting to Tokyo, I'll telephone you.

What is he so angry about?

I have a problem with my roommate. He eats all my food.

Stuart worried about his life.

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I wish that I could give you the money you need.


I won't get in the way.


You're very understanding.


His critique was totally inappropriate.

Minors can't be miners.

He has a great influence on his country.

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This room is noisy. The sound bounces right off the walls.

The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean it.

Marco looked sick.

Read such books as can be easily understood.


They're alone over there.

You're not supposed to be in this area.

I really like this one.

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I talked to Kathryn's ex-wife about why they got divorced.

Did she forget her money?

Leonard died in an accident.

How much does a beer cost?

It is said that there will be a big earthquake in the near future.


I told Angus not to use those.

The theater used to stay open till late.

Murat is very conceited.

It looks like you slept in your clothes last night.

The future used to be better.

He said he had not known about it.

Do not forget to take your umbrella when you leave here.


Dewey is obviously very nervous.


Have you ever thought about modeling?

I don't believe I can do that.

He still says that he did nothing wrong.

He chopped down the branch with an ax.

Good day, how are you?

I visited Washington and then went to New York this next week.

I'm going to name my dog Cookie.

Ten minus two is eight.

Norm said he could do nothing.

You wouldn't have change for a hundred, would you?

The failure shamed Liisa.

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I like Brazil, but nevertheless I'm going to the Ukraine.

Has our teacher been to Germany?

I just want what's best for Mosur.

That's state law.

He tried to overcome his scruples.

You will find that book in the historical section of the library.

If she hadn't made waves about it, she never would have got her money back.

You'd better take that.

We couldn't sleep on account of the noise.

She kindly showed me the way.

I don't use birth control.

You were scared.

Nicolas means that romanization of the Cyrillic alphabet is as beautiful as the sun, which burns your eyes when you look at it.

No one is better at this than I am.

Oleg's honesty is beyond all question.


Ramesh won't be killing anybody else.


Has she become crazy?


I was waiting for that question.


If the weather permits, they will go and pick mushrooms in the woods.


I wonder how it came about.

I'm sorry if I overstepped my authority.

Let them do their job.

There's no harm done.

He quoted some famous proverbs from the Bible.

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Elijah asked Pascal what he thought of her dress, but he knew better than to tell her what he really thought.

Let's see what Audrey does.

He can hardly speak.

Irfan spent the night on the couch.

I was pleased with the rapidity with which he mastered Japanese.

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Rolfe didn't want to tell Wendi that he had lost all her money.

Why do you go to bed late?

I was so sorry to hear about your wife.

The others played, but Wes just looked on.

Roberta's a lot happier since he changed jobs.

Douglas played much better today.

Today, the dinosaurs disappeared.

Wow, it's really late.

Any man wearing a toupee fears a windy day.

Dion named his son John.

Remember what Jon told us.

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Spass helped an old lady load her groceries in her car.

After taking a bath, Hitoshi ate dinner.

People will talk.


Tell me what I should be watching for.

We will figure something out!

Speak plain truth.

I want to start learning French. Can you recommend me any materials to study with?

I believe that we can do it.

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Pria wants you to do him a favor.

You never know where you have got him.

Every minute counts.


When did you last see them?


A white coin is for a black day.


How did you get here?


In order to keep his original idea from being copied, Henry resorted to reticence.

She was falsely accused.

She has an elegant manner.

My heart is beating fast.

I just want to relax in the park and read a book.

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What! You going to take her side again!?

I'm rational.

We never gave up.


I walked to school.

It sounds like Mat has been busy.

Here's the file you asked for.

This is too easy for him.

Did Sylvan mind?

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Weather permitting, I'll depart tomorrow.

She went to a single-sex school.

Do you have Netflix?

I'm equal to my brother in swimming.

Life is cruel but not pointless.


Many of the workers died of hunger.

On the contrary, I'd never say such a thing.

Are they collaborators?

I almost feel sorry for them.

Have you ever changed your clothes?

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I'm on a boat.

Is that a public domain book?

How do I thank you?


I tried to go to the bank, but it was closed.


Sehyo drove right past Sundar's house.

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I love my electric toothbrush.


Sanford knows right from wrong.

Close the door, please.

He doesn't read many books.


Jeffery is unable to cope with stress.