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  • Hello SafeBrowser users….

    It has been a while, hasn’t it? I think that most of you know that SafeBrowser is pretty much a self funded project, so myself and my team mates can’t always get to spend as much time as we would like on the project.

    The good news is we have started again with the late night caffeine shots as we look to update the site with new features and functionality and also a new look that’s in the works, and finally a mobile version.

    Apologies to anyone who wasn’t able to create an account in the past few months, the Google Recaptcha control had expired, and we had to finish some other work before updating it, but that’s now done.

    One unfortunate side effect of all the behind the scenes work we’ve been doing to update the the site is that some of you may have difficulty loading the new version, you may be seeing an error that looks like this…

    732-384-3772If you see this error, and reloading the application doesn’t make it go away, it’s because your browser is caching (storing a local copy of the application) and not updating that version with the new version of the application now on our website. To fix this problem you will need to clear your browser cache. The instructions for doing this vary by browser, but if you go to your browser settings or preferences, you should find an option to clear the cache. After doing this, reload the application and everything should be fine.

    clearing browser history on Safari

    clearing browser history on Chrome

    Happy, and safe… browsing.

    The DefCloud SafeBrowser Team

  • Are you staying safe?safebrowser01

    How up to date is your antivirus? Are you keeping your computer up to date with the latest security fixes? How often are you using SafeBrowser?

    The number of online threats is growing daily.. It’s up to each one of us to (pro-)actively ensure we take steps to keep our computers safe from these threats. You’ve signed up to use SafeBrowser, but are you using it as much as you should?

    Remember, the big sites such as FaceBook, YouTube and Amazon are safe because they have teams of people keeping them safe… But those smaller sites you visit from time to time, each time you visit one of those sites you take a risk with your computer. SafeBrowser shields you from that risk. SafeBrowser is protection for the web. Get into the habit of using it, and stay safe!

    What’s new with SafeBrowser…

    We’ll be the first to admit that progress has been slower this year than we would have liked, but still we are pushing ahead with lots of bug fixes and enhancements. Most of the changes have been under the hood, but one important fix that was made was to the Remember Me. When logging in now, if you click on Remember Me, the system will remember you next time so you won’t have to log back in. One caveat though, whenever we restart or upgrade the application or server, you may have to log back in again.

    One new minor feature is a feedback form. Please do use it to give us ideas and suggestions for both improvements or fixes for any problems you may have found.

    We’ll be back in touch soon..

    Happy Holidays
    The Team at DefCloud

    P.S. If you haven’t been back for a while, go back and check out the new slideshow at the home page. We think it’s quite cool and it explains quite clearly why, where, when and how to use SafeBrowser.

  • A Very Happy New Year to all our DefCloud SafeBrowser users!

    Apologies first for not communicating more often. As I think you all know, we are a very small team at the moment so trying to find time to do everything is a bit difficult. This project has been a bit of a labour of love for us (it has to be, we’re not getting paid for it so far).

    If you are wondering why you haven’t heard much about DefCloud SafeBrowser in the press or on blogs, it’s because this has been an R&D (research and development) project for a very small group of developers and researchers in the UK, for quite a while now. However, we hope all that will change during 2015. We believe we have a very useful and important tool and service that basically, everybody should be using. Please spread the word if you agree.

    We wanted to get as much good stuff into the service as we could before really going public with it (and iron out as many bugs as possible too). The good news is we think we are now starting to get to that point where we can go public with it, so watch this space.

    Thank you to the users who subscribed to the SafeBrowser Pro service during 2014. If you haven’t subscribed yet, please consider subscribing to SafeBrowser Pro and help support the running and further development of this service.

    logo_paysafecard_blue_claim_RGBNew for 2015, in addition to a slight refresh of the user interface (see the new Account window in particular), we have added paysafecard as a payment option. paysafecard is supported in 37 countries, so you can pay cash in your own local currency even though we charge in British pounds. Subscriptions through paysafecard are not automatically renewable. You pay for a set period of time (1 to 12 months or 1 year), and you can top up your subscription at any time.

    See deerstalker for more information.

    Stay safe with DefCloud safebrowser, remember to use it on less well known sites and blogs, so you can keep those viruses off your computer. We are constantly looking for ways to make your safebrowsing experience easier, and if you have any suggestions we would be happy to hear them.

    Thanks once again. We promise to try and blog and tweet more as we build up to the public launch of our service.

    The SafeBrowser Development Team.

    P.S. You probably don’t know this but SafeBrowser wasn’t the thing we started out wanting to build when we started DefCloud (previously DigitalPlanet), we were trying to build something else and sort of stumbled into SafeBrowser. The point is, while SafeBrowser may not be the coolest service, we think it is a very useful and important service. But we do have some really cool, unique and innovative stuff in the pipeline we think you are going to love, and we can’t wait to get that stuff out there. As we often like to say, watch this space!

  • defcloud_logo1It’s been a long time coming but part of our plan for world domination is to have a shorter, sweeter, more succinct name and a killer logo. We think we’ve achieved that with our new name and new logo.

    So what is DefCloud, I hear you ask? DefCloud has as it’s goal no less an ambition than to be the world’s premiere cloud based personal information storage, retrieval and sharing system. A lot of great and highly innovative new services are in development under the DefCloud banner and will be released over coming months and years. SafeBrowser, our first service, already has over 100,000 users! Not bad considering we still haven’t officially launched the service to the public yet. Watch this space!

  • Use SafeBrowser to keep yourself and your computer safe from phishing scams.

    A phishing email is an email that pretends to be from a trusted source, such as a bank, but is actually a scam email operated by a fraudster. Clicking on a link in such an email can result in malware being downloaded onto your computer, or you could be directed to a site that looks like the real thing, but is just an imitation designed to fool you into entering your username and password.

    The problem is, some of these emails seem so real, how can you know it’s not. In this example (1), an email has been received and it looks totally fine, but is it?


    The thing the to do if you’re not totally sure is to right click on the link the email is asking your click on and copy it (2).

    Then, open SafeBrowser and paste that link into the SafeBrowser address bar. (3)

    If you see Old Slimy (4), the little green bug, then it is a scam site, and you know to just delete that email.

    Even if the site you expected to see appears in SafeBrowser, check the site’s status and category. Some phishing sites of course are designed to look like the real sites, but they won’t have the same category. If you see “Web Hosting Sites” or “Malware Sites” when you should expected to “Financial Services”, you know that the site is a scam phishing site. Congrats, you just potentially saved yourself a world of problems and hassle.

    SafeBrowser, get used to using it and keeping your computer safe.

  • Did you miss us!?bee

    Well, we’ve been quiet but we haven’t been idle! In fact we’ve been very busy bees. Since you last heard from us we have added more than 300 bug fixes, software improvements and performance enhancements to DigitalPlanet SafeBrowser. We’ve just uploaded our latest and greatest into production so now we want to shout about it.

    There’s some great stuff in there, but some business changes too. SafeBrowser has been under development now for nearly two and a half years, all funded by ourselves and one angel investor. It’s time we got a little return for all the effort don’t you think?

    So with this latest version the totally free model has gone and we now have a trial plan plus a three tier subscription plan. We hope you agree it’s worth it, especially when you see how much better this version runs.

    So sign up, subscribe (there’s a launch offer running until the end of July) and support the continued development of an important service

    Will bee back soon

  • We said it would happen… It took a little bit of time (it was quite complex to implement) but full support for secure sites in SafeBrowser is now here, bar one or two high profile sites (and support for those will be coming soon).

    And if that wasn’t enough… The DigitalPlanet SafeBrowser service itself is now secure, that means even when you view ordinary non secure sites in SafeBrowser, you are actually viewing them securely because … the DigitalPlanet SafeBrowser service itself is now secure! (yes it is worth repeating).

    And one last thing… Before, SafeBrowser would just load the main page and sub-pages (iframes), but leave the browser to load images and other stuff directly from the server the page came from, so it wasn’t exactly anonymous. That has now changed with this version. SafeBrowser loads everything from the server and then sends it to you, so any site you view using SafeBrowser will know nothing about you.

    secureSafeBrowser: now Safe, Secure and Anonymous!


  • Previously, if you have ever had more than one tab open in SafeBrowser, and then reloaded your desktop browser, all but one of SafeBrowser’s tabs would disappear. No longer, if you reload your browser or even close the browser tab and re-open it, SafeBrowser’s tabs will reload exactly as they were before. A huge usability enhancement.

  • If ever SafeBrowser doesn’t seem to be working very well, try reloading digitalplanet.is a couple of times or you might even have to clear your browser cache.

    DigitalPlanet SafeBrowser is under very active development, which means the SafeBrowser application gets updated very often. Sometimes certain browsers don’t refresh the SafeBrowser application code when they should and that can lead to inconsistent behaviour.

  • 7165531680

    Rather a lot, actually.

    We said the innovations would come thick and fast, and indeed they are! Other web reputation services give you reputation of a website that you might be thinking to visit, but SafeBrowser goes much further! Because we download and clean the page before displaying a safe version in your browser, SafeBrowser is also able to analyse the page.

    Did you know that web pages often have other web pages embedded inside them (known in geek speak as iframe or frame content). These embedded pages often come from totally different servers than the one you planned to visit. And yes, sometimes those 3rd party servers can be compromised. SafeBrowser now does what no other web reputation service does, we now give you the reputation of the 3rd party sites a page might be visiting as well as the reputation of the host web server itself.

    And there’s more… SafeBrowser now tells you what it’s doing inside each of the pages (the main and the embedded) that get loaded when you open a page. You might be surprised just how much stuff is in these pages that gets taken out by SafeBrowser. SafeBrowser can’t tell you if every script, cookie or comment (yes even comments can contain viruses!) is dangerous or not, but by blocking everything while giving you all the possible information we can about the safety of a page, you can now better decide whether the page is okay to view outside of SafeBrowser or not.

    Stay tuned… There’s lots more good stuff coming soon, including support for secure sites, bookmarks that you’ll create once and then will be available to you anywhere on any browser, a configurable home page icon, and the ability to name and save your whole browsing session (all your open tabs and their history) and reload it at a later time (on any browser), so you can carry on browsing from right where you left off.

    The SafeBrowser Development Team

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