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MobileMetaverse™(MM) provides products for 3D-Metaverse worlds such as SecondLife®(SL), SpotOn3D™(SO3D), OpenSimulator™(OpenSim), and others.

Product: MM-Status

Please read the Security section below to understand why your security and privacy are safe.


To allow you to determine, from your Desktop or Mobile device, if specified Avatars are on-line in their 3D world

Server and Clients:

The MM-Status Clients require the free Adobe® AIR® v20.0+ runtime
(Android™-Air from Android-Market or from Google™-Play
(Windows®-Air from 917-627-0571 ).
(MacIntosh®-Air from 806-205-2929 ).
  1. $4us SecondLife MM-Status-Server: /
  2. $2us Android (2.2+ phone or tablet) MM-Status-Client: /
  3. $2us Windows MM-Status-Client: /
  4. $2us MacIntosh MM-Status-Client: /
  5. Blackberry & iPhone clients are under analysis (but no planned ship date).
Note: Please uninstall any existing MM-Status-Client before installing an updated version.


Screen-Shots (Windows and Android)

Setup (admin):

Windows client (Setup) Android client (Setup)

Online Status:

Windows client (status) Android client (status)

ON-line Avatar Message:

Windows client (AvatarMessage) Android client (AvatarMessage)

In-world IM Received:

Offline "Restless Swords" sent a message to online "Test2Avatar Resident"
InWorld I.M.

OFF-line Avatar Watch:

Windows client (AvatarWatch) Android client (AvatarWatch)

ON-Line Notice:

Windows client (AvatarNotice) Android client (AvatarNotice)

*Temporary* ADD or DELETE of avatars from server-monitor list:

Windows client (Avatar Add) Android client (Avatar Delete)


Windows client (help)
Android client (help)