He's progressing.


I wonder if a third world war will break out.

How many colours are there?

Heavy-duty vehicles (commercial trucks, vans, and buses) are currently the second largest source of greenhouse gas pollution within the transportation sector.

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The difference was unbelievable.

I said I'd talk to Jin about it.

At the most, he earns 50 dollars a week.

The doctor told Pantelis that he needed to lose some weight.

What is the longest word in the Kazakh language?


Pieter doesn't have to work anymore.

"What's your name?" "My name's Vernon."

Why don't we think about this for another week or so?

Whenever I hear that song, I think of my childhood.

Are you two busy?

This is completely absurd.

How was LA?

Do you support Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?

I knew it was going to be tough to do.


I just haven't had the chance.

It is not as fast as it used to be.

Stagger is extremely talkative.


In Japan, due partly to the fitness boom that began from around 2000, 'dumbbell training' also appeared as a way to exercise at home.

Would you know where there is a pharmacy that is open till late?

I was your age once.

I didn't have my seat belt on.

You only notice how much money you could save by not having any when doing your taxes.

That huge mammal is called an elephant.

What, there's a cafe in a place like this? Was that always there?


You go ahead.


A good many people have told me to take a holiday.

Day after day I write to her.

Toerless probably went to Huashi's.

I've made dinner for everyone.

Let me show you something I found.

The sight fetched tears from their eyes.

That shouldn't be too much of a problem.


The shopkeeper urged me to buy it.


It takes one to know one.

Would you like a window seat or a seat on the aisle?

Is everything prepared?

We'll work something out.

Doesn't he live in Montmartre anymore?


You've kept secrets from me, haven't you?

I saw you spying on her.

With the exception of Mike, everyone was at the party.

The city is contaminated with that black smoke produced by engines with wheels.

I think I will wear this red sweater.

I don't think it's a trick.

It's in plain sight.

Which is your mansion?

What else did you expect?

His car cost him upward of ten thousand dollars.

The room looks different after I've changed the curtains.

He took it into his head to start the next morning.

Skiing on fresh snow is very fun.

Here we go!

Isabelle thought that Piotr would like to go to Boston to see John.

It may be said, as a rule, that the climate of Japan is mild.

We ate at the food court.

Everyone will be happy.

The novel ends with the heroine's death.

I don't care about being cool.

Go and see if Ross is in his room.

I'd like to buy a birthday cake for Liza.

We don't know much about him.

I didn't expect you to come so soon.

We'll never see you again.

Denial of self is not the same as self-denial.

I never harmed Daryl.

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But the seat is too big for him.


Anatole doesn't think anybody else wants to come.

There's nothing anyone can do now.

I couldn't think of doing anything like that.

He ran like a scared rabbit.

You're such a pack rat.

I'm going to be a lawyer.

The doctor's examining Daniel right now.


What is the story?

I'm all right with that.

If time permits, I'll visit the museum.

Don't worry about a thing.

You still haven't told me why you're here.

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These boxes are made of plastic.

Don't look directly at Reiner.

It doesn't make much sense, does it?

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Angela is not an angel.

I will make her happy.

Don't even get me started on Ronald.

He is older and wiser now.

Everything is costing more than it did last year.

Will you go on foot or by bus?

Nici started eating the sandwich Carole made for him.

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Years ago this principle was widely recognized.

Has he told you anything definite?

This author is a prominent critic of the role of the United States as a superpower.

We began to sail in the direction of the port.

I can see Rajiv's point.


Here is a song from the first album.

She is respected by her friends.

How did Paul get Earle to do that?

They stood face to face.

What time is your plane scheduled to leave?


Everyone thinks Srikanth married Jurevis for her money.

Sherri is so stressed at the moment, he can't think straight.

Once upon a time there was a king who had a beautiful daughter.

Should I apologize to Spike?

It's good that there are places like this.

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The world is a big place.

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The true art of life consists in seeing the miraculous in the everyday.

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Recurrent miscarriage is distinct from infertility, and is defined as two or more failed pregnancies.


I confess I'm miserable.

How one views something depends on one's situation.

Do you think the shooting was accidental?

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I was thinking about going to Boston next month.

Sugih can do a lot of things that I can't do.

The teacher scolded her class for being noisy.


Mt. Fuji is not as high as Mt. Everest.

Give me a clue.

I continued working.

Barney will attend.

We met him on the way there.

Let's break for lunch.

He has his own car.

A lonely boy was reading near a feeble fire.

Jef and Gene each took a sip of wine.

I became very nervous when I couldn't locate my passport.

I told Nici where I'd gone.

I know you like to travel, Tammy.

Tonight, Terrence sang better than usual.

I used to wash my hair only once a week.

Tanya didn't convince everyone.

A power failure contributed to the confusion in the hall.

Barton spent the remainder of the night thinking about Jason.


We are to meet at five this evening.

I don't have enough RAM.

Hotta trusted you.


Where did you learn English?

Renu lost the sight in one of his eyes in a traffic accident.

Everybody's busy.

I know what Nancy and Horst want me to do.

Our business is doing great.

I'll go see if Deirdre is OK.

I am extremely unpleasant.

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Perhaps I have hurt your feelings, but that was not my intention.

I wonder if that country is actually really ready to accept a black president.

We'll come as soon as we can.

We just need to do it better.

Can we see her now?

He is proficient in English.

School children have colds twice as often as adult.

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I sat on the couch.

Thomas could not carry out his task on account of an accident.

This fairy could take any shape she pleased. All the day long she flew about in the form of an owl, or crept about the country like a cat; but at night she always became an old woman again.

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After almost a month I still remember the word.

If you want to, you can use my car.

The weather of Japan is hotter than England's.


My brother is two years older than I, but he is three centimeters shorter.


I got you confused with your oldest brother.

My parents forbid me from seeing Triantaphyllos again.

What should I do about him?

The soldier saved his friend at the cost of his own life.

Theo's explanation sounded convincing.

He must have left.

Better to die on our feet, than to live on our knees.

I went to Boston by car.

I wanted you to come.


Now it's time for the weather forecast.