Automate Trial Sign-ups, Demo Requests, and Qualified Tasks.

Drive Your Sales.

Deal Engine


What The Engine Does

Deal engine is a custom workflow engine which will supercharge your sales efforts. The tool  creates a steady flow of qualified leads and trial accounts automatically for each one of your sales reps. The process uses search criteria to find the best qualified contacts, finds their email addresses and phone numbers, and inserts the prospect into a deal funnel which notifies your sales staff how and when to engage with them.


Save Thousands of Hours

Prospecting: The system learns your ideal key contacts and adds and sorts them into organized lead lists.
Contact information: Deal engine finds and updates your key contacts email addresses and phone numbers.
Automation: Your lead list are processed through our proprietary workflows and email sequences to create automatic trial sign ups, demo requests, and qualified tasks.
Tasks: Automatically generate tasks based on the actions of your prospects to create qualified tasks for your sales team.

Designed For Sales Teams Large and Small

The tool notifies your sales team when one of their leads signs up for your solution and or when to engage with a qualified sales lead. Deal Engine starts a steady flow of leads and tasks for your sales team, so they know how best to spend their time and efforts. Thousands of hours of productivity will be created by the system.

This sales automation engine does all the hard work and allows your team to focus on selling. Custom templates throughout the process use mental triggers to boost open rates, cold calling success, and conversions.