I have to deal with this alone.

Nobody says you can't go fishing.

My Grandmother has a weak heart.

So is it just human nature to believe that things happen for a reason - to find some shred of meaning even in the worst experiences?

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Leith was worried about his grades?


Belinda got home just before daylight.

He obtained a release from his debt.

Children are impatient and restless.

Abandon ship!

I didn't say it wasn't OK to eat.


They've never met.


Suzan sells T-shirts at a 30 percent discount.

I think Tait will follow your advice.

Just what have you done? Aren't you also my friend?

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Don't go near the dog.

In the middle of the day, the sun sent its warm, pleasant rays into the valley, which transformed the expressions on the faces of the farmers we met along the way.

Not only does she speak English, but also German.


I agreed to meet Dewey next Monday.

Tollefsen only has 5 hit points left.

This castle is beautiful.


Everything has an end.


She wants to go back to college.

Nathaniel wants to be careful not to use too much water. His well is almost dry.

This tree was planted by my grandfather.

The new house is here.

They sell meat in this store.

Be careful. That hurts!

Cindie seems uncomfortable.

He whistles all the time. It drives me crazy.

No sport is as popular as football in America.

He can swim faster than any other boy in his class.

The damage was covered by insurance.

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I asked Lance why he thought that was important.


How much is this clock?

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Dan was living well beyond his means.

What's unusual about that?

Of course you have to pay! What did you think?

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I don't think he was being straight with me.


Do you have any complaints?

Victoria suggested another plan to the committee.

A person never reading anything may be fooled with an extraordinary easiness.


Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

This zoo owns two okapis.

Don't kid me!

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John came running into the room.

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We associate the name of Einstein with the theory of relativity.


Legal immigrants to Canada are classified as permanent residents; they may later become citizens.

He as well as I is a member of the club.

I think it natural that he got angry.

Alexander bought three copies of that book.

A rook is a chess piece.

I will keep these words my whole life.

The highway is snarled up.

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Do you like solving puzzles?


That doesn't mean that the danger has passed.


He returned to his land a different man.


Can you tell me where Ricardo went?


I want to know who did this.

Gigi called the hotline.

I need some get-up-and-go.


I just want Kelly to get well.

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The first good rain storm will wash it away.

I don't worry about my spelling - I rather go for speed typing.

I am a translator.


Be kind in all you say and do.

It was so dark.

I never understood this.

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You'll have to deal with that by yourself.

That never used to bother me.

The war took place 45 years ago.

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Would you please speak to them?


You trust me, right?


Is there a panda in this zoo?


He made ten mistakes in as many pages.

Owing to the rain, the athletic meeting was put off.

Are you going to be home tonight?


His office is convenient for the station.

Do you remember how much this cost?

Please turn out the light before leaving the room.


After the incident, our relationship underwent a sudden change.


Does Bach not tell you anything?

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I'd just be able to give up better than if you were taken by some other woman.


Where do you think I can find Brandy?

I do want to go with you.

Anna went to buy another pair of shoes.


Every dog is a lion at home.

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I would never lie to her.


The policeman grabbed the boy's arm.

He was dismissed by the boss of the factory.

I'd better go talk to him.

He made a pack for the clothes, bound together with rope.

Vivek put way too much salt in the stew.


Raanan missed the net.

Shannon saw somebody.

If you eat well, you're likely to live longer.

I'd advise starting at once.

I regretted lying to her.

You probably think she told me she was on her way to visit her sick grandmother.

I wish there were less homework.

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Olson's restaurant has a Michelin star.

There's a waiting list.

Unemployment is rising.


Roxana gave his son something to play with.

Jim is my colleague.

Somebody stepped on his foot.

I spread marmalade on my bread.

He felt himself lifted up.

To me, he seems too young to be touring the world on his own.

The king was pleased with him at first.


Tell Elric that I'm driving.


I promise I'll give it back.


I should've put on some sunscreen.

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We are already training for the eating challenge!

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At that store, they deal in fish and meat.

I feel good.

Do you like sci-fi movies?

George Washington was born in 1732.

He will assist us.

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I won't go back.

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There is no god but God, and Muhammad is the messenger of God.


Despite their truth, sayings like "carpe diem", "live for yourself" and "know your worth" have degenerated into cliches for justifying rudeness, oddness, and apathy, at the hands of TV personalities and columnists. That is what is called "educated ignorance".

We collected coffee cups.

Her wish is to be an actress.


An organization and its suppliers are interdependent and a mutually beneficial relationship enhances the ability of both to create value.

To equip a dull, respectable person with wings would be but to make a parody of an angel.

Ken ran up the slope.

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Everyone was shocked.

Why did Johnathan let you in the house?

What do you want to talk about?

I'm used to Trey always yelling at me.

Only when the Party Committee Secretary came in person to resolve it was this point of view dispelled entirely.

Are you helping Konstantinos?

I didn't translate this text myself.

Roxane liked the idea.

He is hunted by the police.


Before making something, make the man.

I'm spending Christmas Eve with my family.

It's cooler tonight.

There was a seal on the shore.

I will not sell my soul.


A blackboard doesn't have to be black.

There's nowhere for them to go.

Jayant's boss criticised him for not having any initiative.


He is shit out of luck.

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That man brushes his teeth.