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If you are fearing repossession due to mortgage arrears, facing large personal debts, the prospect of being made bankrupt or are simply desperate for a fast house sale, sell and rent back could offer you a straightforward way out of trouble.

Sell and rent back companies specialise in buying properties and then renting them back to former homeowners.

You can use the proceeds from the sale of your property to settle existing mortgage and any outstanding debts, while remaining in your own home. You may also have the opportunity to buy the house back at market value at a later date.

Sale and rent back is a discrete process, meaning that neighbours need not know there has been any change in status, while families avoid the stress and disruption of having to find somewhere else to live and children can continue to attend the same local school.

Resolve pressing financial issues like overwhelming debt and pending eviction

No need to move out of the bricks and mortar that you've built an emotional attachment to

Continue living in your home under guaranteed tenancy agreements up to 5 years or more

The process is as swift as possible, with sales usually completed a lot quicker than a sale on the open market. Sales can go through in a matter of days rather than months

By placing an enquiry through this website, you will be put in touch with a company which has extensive experience and the interim permission of the UK's Financial Services Authority (FSA) to carry out regulated rent back activities.

Upon receiving your enquiry they will make contact with you to discuss your situation.

They will make clear to you important information about the scheme and will make you aware of:

  • the price the company is willing to pay for your home and how that compares to its market value
  • the type of tenancy they will offer you and how long it will last
  • how much the rent will be and how it can be changed

Changes in financial circumstances, failed relationships, redundancy or overwhelming debt can leave you struggling to cope. We offer clear, concise and professional advice with no obligation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

There are no upfront fees or charges. We cover all the valuation fees and can also arrange a solicitor for you, or contribute an amount towards a solicitor of your choice.