We start classes next Monday.

Serdar has been doing a great job.

He sacrificed everything for you.

Give me the phone, OK?

Have a good weekend.

Because of my lack of sleep I'm going to bed early tonight.

We've played a lot of matches this season.

We must allow for her poor health.

No one nation, no matter how large or powerful, can defeat such challenges alone.

I am so busy that I don't watch TV.

They wouldn't allow me to tell you the truth.

She likes cooking for her family.

Have you been working there for long?

Hand in your examination papers.

The two vans telescoped together.

Jeanette didn't say where he'd gone.

The point is that the mothers are too busy.

Please do something.

You can't do it.

Every student was asked one question.

Please bathe the children.


Cleopatra lived closer to our time than she lived to the building of the pyramids.


Carolyn and Jagath will come at 2:30.

There are few, if any, supporters of the plan.

Ole has a hot tub.

He relies upon drink to escape from his worries.

Bush does his best to protect the environment.

The trip was very expensive.

Why do you study French?

It's been a difficult couple of days.

You have to use the money wisely.


Would you page Mr Sawada?

Some meat remained.

The Mona Lisa is probably the most famous painting ever created.

Do you really love Isaac?

He had to share his bedroom with his brother.

The house has been bought.

That looks like tea.

Craig is a very nice girl.

He will play baseball tomorrow.

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He doesn't care if his car is dirty.

Can you put some suntan lotion on my back?

That's what we always thought.

For Albert, life was perfect.

You're contradicting yourselves.

Eva was a great teammate.

Who loves who?

I brought you this.

You mustn't let the other person notice that you flinched.


I'm going to know tomorrow.

We were all devastated.

She was born in a small village.


I owe you much more than you owe me, I said to him. I owe you the life of my fiancee, Curtis.

I told her all about you.

As for me, I think the play was quite interesting.

I need a tool for pulling weeds in my garden.

I'll stop you.

Marguerite seems conscientious.

I don't give a damn about poetry.


I have never climbed Mt. Fuji.


I wish the circumstances were different.

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I'm sorry I'm late. I overslept.

He refuses to listen to me.

I remember Todd.

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Make sure that you arrive at seven o'clock.

Teri encouraged me to try again.

I assume you know where Earle hid the key.

She loves me, and I love her.

She already has a new boyfriend.

We'll use what we have.

I'm in a singing group.

We have no spare money.

The news shocked me.

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I have no experience.

You're making me nervous.

Good bye, and safe trip.

There is so much to do, and only a lifetime to do it.

We could see the ship in the distance.


I hope you liked it and that you come back soon.

Everything was taken from us.

Emma didn't want to argue with Sandy.


Sugih waited in front of the house.


Slave revolts interfere with Middle Passage.


The book is old.

He felt that the reason he was able to succeed was because of his friends' help.

I walked into a wall.

You'd better not go to school tomorrow.

There are frequently earthquakes in Japan.


I looked upon his courage and trusted him.

We all know that you're angry.

The river is wide.

I've got some business here.

The doctor says stimulus is needed for appetite.

Joni loves her bamboo fence.

He was made to wait at the station for two hours.

The city of Mako was a centre for the cultivation of onions.

She has no enemies.

Prakash looked like he was somewhere in his late thirties.

I haven't heard much about that.

I have a dozen reports to read.

I'm going to stay here a few minutes.

Thanks to his advice, I succeeded in the examination.

I am forced to do it.

Lana has more than enough room for us.

They can't do that.

Actually, there are many cases where 'have [object] done' is not causative.

Let's not lose our patience.

Don't forget to drink plenty of water.

Jeremy didn't want to talk about it.


I had a doctor's appointment yesterday morning.

I don't want to go through another experience like that.

Japanese bureaucrats are nothing but traitors to the country who covet our tax money and will continue the practice of amakudari until the country is bankrupt.


There is too much furniture in the house.


We'll do exactly as you suggest.

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If you press the nose, the mouth opens.

Why are you tormenting me with that?

He came crawling to me to ask for a loan.

I hope Alberto doesn't read this.

Studying when you're sleepy is a waste of time.

Warren's house burned down in 2013.

The beauty of the Golden Pavilion covered in snow was unmatched.

That's something we're looking into.

If I take the train today, tomorrow I'll already be in Beijing.

Everyone on the ship thought it was going to sink.

I'm really happy.

Since Danny arrived at Guantanamo Bay he has been exposed to different forms of torture: sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, extreme temperatures, prolonged isolation, lack of sunlight and limited health care.

She tried to swim.


I could tell from his accent that he was a Frenchman.


What're you doing in Boston?

Lindsey pretended that he didn't see it.

He left for America by air.

It was meant as a compliment, so I didn't want to tell him that he had missed the point.

Rolfe arrived in Boston at 2:30.

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What's your favorite font?

I could not make my way at all because of the crowd.

We can't go back to the way things were.


May I present this to you in token of my appreciation?

This coffee comes from Eritrea.

Do you think we have any chance of winning?

We don't do that anymore.

Learning Klingon will be of great use for his career as a businessman.

Masanao is one of the tallest guys I know.

Nothing is more important than time.

Have you given Leila the key?

The danger is over.

Ireland is a very beautiful country.

Men and women need each other.

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Ric sipped some coffee.

How about two weeks from Thursday?

I'd like to make sure of the time.

The 21st century composition was so discordant that it felt as though the performer was murdering the Steinway Grand piano.

Having finished her work, she went home.

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You work too much.

I want to help out.

Jordan wrote a love letter to Jeremy, but she didn't read it.


The magazine jumped the gun and reported on the scandal.

Reality and dreams counteract each other.

They all turned to look at him.

Never have I read such an interesting story.

Great talkers are little doers.

That's all I can remember.

Republicans were defeated in many states.

The entire bathroom was stainless steel.

I won't have to do it again.

I love being married.

She accused him of having broken his word.

Jingbai thought I'd let him down.

You could talk to them.


Why should Ti resign?

If only I had wings!

Generally speaking, the art of governing consists in taking the most money from one part of the citizens, in order to give it to another part.