Water-based PU leather

Regardless of whether your cowhide sack is new or old, in case you’re a craftsman or an inventive individual, at once or another you may have had the desire to paint it. Before you start such an undertaking, it’s ideal in the event that you test a region inside your sack with the paint before you start painting your imaginativeness on the outside.


Should you decide to utilize more than one shade shading for your aesthetic structure, it is suggested that you let every application dry before you start painting with the following shading.


What sort of paint would it be a good idea for you to utilize?


Acrylic water-based PU leather paints give more adaptability than common acrylics. Ensure before you start painting that you know whether the cowhide has been recently shaded with vegetable color. This is significant in light of the fact that it will assimilate the paint snappier than calfskin things that were tanned utilizing different strategies. On the off chance that you are uncertain on the off chance that the calfskin has just been vegetable colored, at that point simply paint a little territory on the cowhide to check whether the paint will get completely retained.


Steps for setting up the cowhide


  1. Before you start painting, make an answer made of cowhide blanch (one ounce) to one 16 ounces of water.


  1. With a delicate brush or a bit of fleece texture, apply the answer for the calfskin tenderly.


  1. Keep in mind not to douse the calfskin; simply wipe it until it’s clammy.


Step by step instructions to apply the paint


It’s ideal to weaken your paint with water as you apply the diagram of the structure to the thing. This will set up the surface for later when you apply the plan with undiluted paint.


Utilizing one section water and one section paint, utilize long, wide, and even strokes. In the event that you see that the arrangement isn’t getting consumed by the calfskin, at that point include more paint, up to two applications.


As referenced beforehand, it’s ideal in the event that you can test the paint arrangement on a shrouded bit of the calfskin or on a test swatch before making your last plan.


When you’re happy with how the paint looks on the cowhide, at that point utilize your undiluted paint with a meager paintbrush to make and fill in the last plan. Make sure to let each shade of paint dry completely before applying a second, third, or fourth shading.



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