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He runs in the park every day.

Rudolf may become jealous.

Leads hardly knew Kristi.

The bomb blew Lui's car to smithereens.

If you have a fever, it would be a good idea to go to the hospital right away.

A dead sheep does not fear the fire.

Israel is the Jew among the national states!

Perhaps I didn't explain it well enough.

Her generosity seemed to be endless.


This is really great.

Our education system needs to be seriously revamped.

It's got to work this time.

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Jay went to a classical music festival.

Hillary's gone down two pant sizes since he's been working out.

Why do you want to talk to him?

You always underestimate people.

The fireplace, lacking firewood, flames already starting to lose their vigour.

They are crying down Louie's new theory.

I didn't hear much.

Howard looks cool no matter what he wears.

We tried to persuade him.

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He is very nervous about the exam in his English class.

Could I ask you to do me a big favor?

I'll tell you about my father.

I was young and strong back then.

I'm the only one who survived.

My grandpa was an archeologist.

I make no excuses for that.

Is he back already?

They drink coke.


He has the habit of making others jealous.

If you run a red light, you run the risk of causing an accident.

How are you, my dear?

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Honey is sweet, but the bee stings.

Gypsy pulled out an old shoebox from his closet and opened it.

Argon is a noble gas.


The roses were in full bloom in the botanical garden.

He had his only son killed in an automobile accident.

Such being the case, you can't expect he will come here.

It would take too much time to describe the various tortures these people suffered, but Inge's punishment consisted in standing there as a statue, with her foot fastened to the loaf.

Can I take a message?

Examine the car before you drive it.

I can't dispense with coffee at breakfast.


I can't fight this.


We'll follow him.

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I liked them before they were cool.

Everyone's looking for him.

Tell me what he told you.

Has this ever happened to you before?

Both Andrew and Uri are busy right now.


Johan seldom bothers to comb his hair.

I think that's an amazing story.

We drink everything except water.

Please don't make me ask her.

They installed a vending machine at work.


I wish you wouldn't say those kinds of things about me.


You cannot catch them up.


Winston tried to suppress a smile.


If you want to go an adventure, you need to learn how to react quickly.

Promise me you won't do that again.

Why are you making me suffer this much?

He's in love with another woman.

Theo couldn't hide his anger.

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Any homogeneous cycle has a period and a frequency.


You can come if you want to.


Ten is ten percent of one hundred.

Heather doesn't like to be contradicted.

Benson is jealous of Dan's friends.

I need to finish mowing the lawn.

I couldn't go there today.


Pontus is still on duty.


Clear water breeds no fish.


We're sorry. The number you have dialed is currently unavailable.

She's a stubborn girl.

Lviv for lions!

I tell them that every day.

"May I please see your driver's license for identification?", said the clerk.

People in such countries, especially the ASEAN countries, believe that the secret of Japan's remarkable economic growth is education.

Tell me that was a joke!

Would I only work on weekends if I could? Of course, I would.

When does he come?

Murph was found with the murder weapon.

I would've talked to Debbie instead of just ignoring him.

I'll pay later.

It's like shooting fish in a barrel.

It is often easier to make plans that it is to carry them out.

We're scared because we've heard two people are going to be fired.

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Let's get them.

Now I go to the market.

I'm seriously considering filing for divorce.


It just goes to show that you only know who your true friends are when you're dying on a hospital table having your extremities snapped this way and that.


I'd like to visit England someday.

I can stay.

Oh, I found it, nevermind.


I can't breathe.

Laurence's family moved around quite a bit when he was a kid.

It's past the square.

I thought you didn't need anybody.

John was injured in a car accident.

Even adults do a lot of stupid things.

I'd like to know what you're doing.

Did that lady just swear?

You should have told him about it while he was here.


They work too much.

Kate looks amazing.

This is a frightening place.

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I feel vulnerable.


Hey, what are you guys talking about?

I am proud of having accomplished such a task.

The baby was kicking and screaming.

I want to ask you something.

The people who are not in a hurry stand on the right side of the escalator.


Once is not enough.


When I was little, I was blonde.


We can't just look on dejectedly while this city continues to go into decline.


Murph rushed into the house.

At the moment, Jerome is in Renu's good graces.

Sorry, we didn't mean to make you feel left out.

I'm not from this world.

Roderick married her anyway.

Children are our future.

The church teaches abstinence before marriage.


Mikey was born in Boston and he grew up in Boston.

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Kerry explained the rules to Ralph in detail.

Cristi took a very deep breath.

We've only got three bracelets.

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You guys were sad about the death of the dog.

You don't have enough faith in yourselves.

I wonder why some people think black cats are unlucky.


Milner seems very nervous.


Jeremy put on his backpack.

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I don't care what it is.

I'm hurt.

Marco plays tennis twice a week.


No matter how hard you try, the result will be the same.

My brother has nothing.

Kristi has been a kept woman until recently.


I can't convince them.


We often associate black with death.

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Nadeem couldn't have done it without Jiri's help.

My brother dared not swim across the river.

They don't see the extent to which they depend on others.


Vijay told Martyn everything she needed to know.

I hit it off badly with her.

I tanned myself on the beach.


Dorian studied at Harvard.


No machine could replace you.

You have some spaghetti sauce on your face.

Gideon misled me.


I'll get a hold of you.

Is Okayama a big city?

Do you understand the guide?

The problem is that our car will not be available on that day.

Sasha says that Ukrainians adore borshch, as well as cherries together with pirogies.