It's been five years since that book was made into a movie.

Which part of the word "no" do you not understand?


I have found a job.


Marie was sneezing.

The sky is clear and the wind is refreshingly cool. It's a perfect day to spend outdoors.

You wouldn't understand. It's a girl thing.


Kayvan asked where my car was parked.

So tell me, how many of these do you want?

I do remember it.

Elizabeth loves soccer.

Let me ask you something, Kevin. Do you think we really have a chance?

Lorenzo actually apologized to Tolerant.

Keith doesn't have any sisters.

Socorrito put on his hat.

You are free to go out.

There is one language that is never enough. And that language is VBA.

You're a lot like Lorraine.

Tai doesn't look too busy.

See to it that you estimate the losses by Friday at the latest.

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He's not my cousin.

Just try and stay calm.

The train lurched to a standstill.

If I had done my best, I might have succeeded.

Marshall opened the door to see who it was.

How would you rate that?

That nurse is very kind and polite.

We meet every Monday night.

We're leaving now.


I will do it the same.

I told Manny I'd invite Manuel to my party.

I don't mean to be unsociable, but I'm tired.

The town is a cage.

Irving is a gamekeeper.


I took a chance and bought five hundred shares of Sony.

I wish my whole family were here.

She is living abroad.

We loved you.

What do you want to be in the future?

We have a lot to learn.

I know that wasn't them.


You're no good.

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Everybody looked fantastic today.

The man has the capability to talk.

The woman speaks as if she were a teacher.


The odds are against us.

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I can't meet them now.

The physicist was ashamed to admit that he also likes chemistry.

Lenny says he isn't going to answer any more questions right now.

A "soroban" is a type of Japanese abacus.

Was the Tatoeba site created by a Japanese guy?

What I want now is something to eat.

I never know what I'm eating.

I'll have to talk about it eventually.

I get tired of hearing Tuan talking about Benjamin.

She rides her bike to school.

Do you want to come over?

We took action immediately so that things wouldn't get worse.

It's unlikely she's as stupid as you think.


I will go if you go.

That was a big surprise, wasn't it?

What's your excuse for being late?

She can express her feelings when she feels happy or sad.

He is my go-to guy.

Jussi and I can't change our schedules.

That's a rarity, however.


June thinks it'll be a lot of fun.

To put it frankly, he is a critic rather than a writer.

They said Anderson and his men must leave the fort.


It happened that we were on the same bus.

Felix wasn't convinced it was a good idea.

Should I tell Duncan you're unavailable?

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I think you both know Briggs.


I'm bored with that.

He paid the money back.

Curt didn't respect the rules.

Heinz is a fanatic.

How often do you go to Boston?

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We're trying to get better.

You're more polite than Joshua.

Ernest grabbed his knapsack and left the room.

We wear a uniform at school.

There's nothing to do, so I may as well go to bed.


Claudia is a parking garage attendant.

We're not fit.

I'll sleep on it.


You lack sincerity for her.

You should buy him new toys.

Are you certain it was an accident?

Well, what are you singing?

I don't know why you don't like Sean.

We should head home.

I should take this.


We're going to travel to Estonia next month.


It's too heavy to move.

The criminal is still at large.

One of these days is none of these days.

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun.

Kamiya did something very, very stupid.


Come on, get a move on!

Mott died in Autralia in 2013.

It's downright scary.

Have you been crying all night? Your eyes are all puffy.

The students said that they would take three more exams.

Jarmo put the soap in the soap dish.

I must talk with you.

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Please remember to mail this letter.

I'm not allowed to talk about it.

The feast was so boring that I took flight almost immediately.

To make matters worse, he began to drink sake.

Kevyn returned to the living room.

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A novel idea occurred to me.

Do they have jobs?

Doyle wasn't badly injured.

He keeps his age a secret.

We could've helped Daren.

Menopause is the opposite of menarche.

She is running.


Note that this theorem does not assume the existence of such an object.

What are you guys going to do today?

I have a few tickets in row 15.

We have enough data.

I have a stone in my shoe.

We're nearly out of time.

Gina's sheer coldness attracted scads of men with low self-esteem.

The armed forces succeeded in occupying the entire territory.

His condition could have been worse.


How often do the buses run in an hour?

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It'll be partly cloudy.

How much did you eat?

I don't love her, not even if she loves me.

Children quickly adapt themselves to their new life.

I fully intend to do everything I said I would do.

Tickets are selling fast and space is limited.

He practiced every day at home.


Did you pay for those shoes?

I haven't been to a concert in a long time.

How ever did you find it?

The temperature is lower than usual.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.


He is not the type of man who depends on others for help.

Have you a dog?

I don't understand why this has to be done.

We aren't due to arrive for three days.

What's all that?

Don't you think so?

A bridge gives access to the island.

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She is an office lady.

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Does Adam live here?

Put one's finger on one's lips for silence.

We're on speaking terms.

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Don't do anything foolish.


As long as good people do nothing, evil will triumph.

Teacher, I will write it in pen.

Have you come to file a damage report?


There's something that I've been wanting to say to you for a long time.

That's what's expected.

Who is eating?

The novel "All Quiet on the Western Front" by Erich Maria Remarque has been translated into more than fifty languages.

I was trying to protect him.


I still love Stephe very much.

I probably would've participated if I'd known about it in advance.

Don't rely on him much.

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Let's put in a lot of time on that project.

She kept working even though she was tired.

Have you ever been inside Part's house?