Podcasting is a method to distribute episodic audio content through a feed available for digital download or streaming consumption.

Who are we?

The NewsPod is a podcast network, where we provide high-quality podcasts to our listeners. Our aim is to keep you informed about all that information which is buzzing on internet in one place. You know how hard it is to find a dependable source. Well, problem solved !

News Podcasts

This is a weekly news podcast where host will pick top stories of the week. The stories are diverse, ranging from politics, economic news and current affairs includes everything from the state of the government and economy to drought situation in the country.

Digital Marketing Podcasts

On this podcast, host will give our listeners the inside look at everything new in the digital marketing industry, sharing tips, tricks, and real strategies on each episode. Also helping you to navigate the crazy world of internet marketing: SEO, Analytics, Paid Search, Link Building, Web Development, and more.