About The Awesomes

    THE AWESOMES is an animated show for adults that combines the thrills of comic book storytelling with the hallmark irreverent and inspired comedy of co-creators Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker (Late Night with Seth Meyers). Showcasing the voice talents of current and past SNL stars, THE AWESOMES introduces a group of not-so-super heroes who just might find a way to save the world.

    • Prock

      New leader of THE AWESOMES. Really smart, prone to injury, and hopelessly devoted to not disappointing his dad.

      Seth Meyers

      Voiced by Seth Meyers

    • Hotwire

      Electric personality that’s too good to be true.

      Rashida Jones

      Voiced by Rashida Jones

    • Frantic

      Crazy fast, emphasis on the crazy.

      Taran Killam

      Voiced by Taran Killam

    • Sumo

      Just your average 11-year-old with straight As. That, and uncontrollable rage.

      Bobby Lee

      Voiced by Bobby Lee

    • Gadget Gal

      Mind of an 80-year-old, body of a 25-year-old. And the answer to your question is yes, even there.

      Paula Pell

      Voiced by Paula Pell

    • Muscleman

      Very strong. Yeah, let’s just focus on that.

      Ike Barinholtz

      Voiced by Ike Barinholtz

    • Dr. Malocchio

      A charming supervillain with the power to control minds and whip up a flawless quiche.

      Bill Hader

      Voiced by Bill Hader

    • Impresario

      Can conjure anything his mind can come up with, so long as it’s in the shape of his mom.

      Kenan Thompson

      Voiced by Kenan Thompson

    • Concierge

      From assistant to superhero. It’s about time that promotion came through.

      Emily Spivey

      Voiced by Emily Spivey

    • Malocchio Jr

      Death and taxes are the only things certain for this supervillain accountant.

      Will Forte

      Voiced by Will Forte

    • Lady Malocchio

      Makes a mean sandwich. Even supervillains need a mother figure.

      Maya Rudolph

      Voiced by Maya Rudolph

    • Jaclyn Stone

      Lays down the law. Gets down with Prock. Trouble ensues.

      Amy Poehler

      Voiced by Amy Poehler

      (616) 566-4918

      Pilot: Part Two

      As Prock goes on “Superhero Now” to announce the new team, he is surprised by an appearance from super-villain Dr. Malocchio, who manages to convince the crowd that he is reformed. Meanwhile, a terrifying (yet adorable) group of demented pets called the Animal Kingdom plots an attack on Awesome Mountain.

      Baby’s Got Backstory

      Baby’s Got Backstory

      With the team trapped in their hologram training room, Gadget Gal is left outside to protect Awesome Mountain. As she fights her archenemy, The Tomboy, The Awesomes huddle inside and tell the stories of how they became superheroes.

      No Mo’ Sumo

      (614) 429-1750

      Tim’s parents worry that he’s not safe with The Awesomes and come to take him home. While leaving, Tim’s parents are attacked, and we learn that they have superpowers as well. As former mercenaries “Dine and Dash,” they are on the run and need The Awesomes help to obtain new identities and escape their past.


      It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad Parallel World

      The Awesomes are transported to a parallel world where they meet their evil doppelgangers, “The Astoundings.” Since everything is backwards on this world, they seek an unlikely ally in a kind Italian man named Dr. Benicchio – the only one who can help them find a way back home.

      (325) 223-1152


      The Awesomes face disbandment unless they submit to psychological testing from government-issued therapists, who just so happen to be robots. Since Prock doesn’t trust the robots, Joyce Mandrake forces him out of the group, leaving The Awesomes to be ruled by something nobody wants – a committee.


      From Here to Paternity

      Muscleman faces an intergalactic paternity suit, and Impresario and Frantic must defend him on an alien daytime talk show. Back on Awesomes Mountain, Prock learns the meaning of delegation when he allows Tim and Gadget Gal to go on their first solo mission.

      The Pageant

      The Pageant

      Frantic is chosen to judge a third-tier beauty pageant, but Gadget Gal suspects that it might be a trap. Having been voted the least fun member of the team, Prock tries to loosen up. Muscleman questions Hotwire’s motives as Dr. Malocchio’s master plan starts to come together.

      The Super-Hero Awards, Part 1

      The Super-Hero Awards, Part 1

      The first annual Superhero Awards takes place at the White House as all the heroes gather in one place. Confirming Prock’s suspicions, Dr. Malocchio reveals two secret weapons -- one of whom is a member of The Awesomes.

      The Super-Hero Awards, Part 2

      The Super-Hero Awards, Part 2

      With Malocchio’s plan in full swing, all the world’s superheroes are rendered powerless, except The Awesomes. Can Prock and his team figure out how to stop Malocchio before it’s too late?


      (770) 587-0708

      After Perfect Man is accused of treason, Prock reluctantly agrees to serve as his attorney. As Prock faces off against prosecutor Jaclyn Stone (Amy Poehler), chemistry ignites. Meanwhile, The Awesomes search for Hotwire’s replacement.

      Destination Deading


      The team battles hotel surcharges, tiresome conversations, and a poorly planned reception during a trip to Catalina Island for Muscleman’s sister’s wedding.

      Tim Goes to School

      Tim Goes to School

      The Awesomes follow Tim back to school when the government mandates that all superheroes under the age of 18 receive a high school diploma. Tim struggles with bullies until he reveals his super powers.



      TV producer Lola Gold entices The Awesomes to boost their profile by starring in a reality show. Will Prock and the gang be able to avoid getting caught up in the sensational drama?

      tap dancing

      (239) 895-3997

      Prock and the team stumble onto a holiday conspiracy when reports of little kids robbing stores leads them to the North Pole, where they discover that their ringleader is none other than Santa Claus!



      The theft of a deadly weapon takes The Awesomes across the Atlantic, where they encounter their European counterparts. Metal Fella reveals herself to be Hotwire in disguise, causing trouble in paradise for Prock and Jaclyn.



      The Awesomes are celebrated with a revival of The Day of Awesomes. A parade honoring the team goes horribly wrong thanks to Malocchio, Jr.

      Day of Awesomes, Part 2


      Mr. Awesome attempts to infuse Malocchio with the power of good. Meanwhile, Prock and the team rush to stop Malocchio, Jr. from carrying out his plan to destroy the world.

      Villian-tine's Day

      (507) 409-2828

      Valentines Day is ruined when Villain Tine steals all the roses in the world, Hotwire's Metal Fella suit goes rogue, and Muscleman faces the wrath of a jilted lover. The public looks to Mr. Awesome to fix the Awesomes' mess.

      (814) 861-2685


      The Awesomes attend a banquet in France, and a poison in the wine makes everyone start singing. Perfect Man hunts down Impresario to arrest him for stealing a piece of his bread. Guest starring Kate McKinnon and Andy Samberg.

      Awesomes for Hire

      Awesomes for Hire

      Prock and his team are kicked off The Awesomes, as Mr. Awesome takes over with Perfect Man. Forced to move in with Prock's mother, they decide to start an independent superhero team, The Awesomes for Hire. Mr. Awesome announces he's running for president.

      Indiana Johnson and the Nazi Grandaughters

      (660) 639-1914

      The Awesomes help their old friend, archaeologist Indiana Johnson, who hires them to track down his missing partner. Dr. Malocchio gets his memory back and heads back to earth to stop Mr. Awesome.

      The Dames of Danger

      The Dames of Danger

      Concierge, Gadget Gal, and Hotwire join a secret all female superhero team, the Dames of Danger. The men stay home and have a guys night with Jeffrey. Hotwire faces a major life change. Guest starring Fred Armisen, Vanessa Bayer, Aidy Bryant and Amy Poehler.

      The Awesomes Reloaded

      (954) 275-9792

      Unknowingly hooked up to a simulation, The Awesomes find themselves living simple lives in a small town, with Prock as the sheriff. They must relearn how to be heroes when Perfect Man and the New Awesomes find the simulation and think it's a video game.


      The Gayfather

      Frantic is conflicted when he falls for a member of the Gay Mafia, a gay super villain team. Prock, Perfect Man, and Muscleman go on a road trip when Mr. Awesome appoints Prock his new campaign manager.