I heard you guys whispering.

Give me the bottle.

When are we going to tell them?

Hirotoshi has two daughters.

He had to commit the whole message to memory.

We need to buy them presents.

Where did you go yesterday?

You don't have to be crazy to work here.

He is on board ship.

Ken is an eager student.

Juergen eats a healthy breakfast every morning.

I think we've finally found the solution to the problem.

He wrote on the social evolution of Japan.


They say the forties are the dangerous ages.

Don't cry before you get hurt.

When did you go home?

Vincent died from a scorpion sting.

Alastair often lies about his age.

Who are my new neighbors?

Pratap has been driving without a license.

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I'll go with her.

Obviously, I would love to be in Boston.

He confessed in court that he was in touch with racist groups.

I'm going to let you decide for yourself.

Would you please slide the van door open?

You always sing.

There are some apples on the table.

Journalism is the first rough draft of history.

Have him meet us here at 2:30.

Elvis couldn't understand Vick's nervousness before the act before he himself got stage fright.

Jinny appears convinced.


Let me tell you about the good old days.


I'm perfectly fine with it.


Himawan doesn't like baseball very much.


He is a good English scholar, and, what is more, a good teacher.

Adam can't deny it anymore.

What's it like?

What do whales eat?

There is a large supermarket.

The beautiful woman is tall.

Huey won't be ready.


She sympathized with those unfortunate people.

How's my son doing?

I don't think I can apply for a job anywhere. I'm too old.


This costs nothing.

I loved you.

I like to put an ice cube into my coffee, because it's usually too hot.

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You certainly understand.

Shatter doesn't have as much money as Ahmed does.

What's your major?

The goods will only be available to buy next weekend.

I would walk along the river.

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Alfred did not hesitate to come to Noemi's rescue, even at the risk of his own life.


You can't sit next to me.

The man we saw this morning was Mr Green.

All the motels on this road are full.

I discovered my father collected 30 years of newpapers.

We very often only come to appreciate someone or our relationship with them when we lose them.

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They came to John and told him.

We've tried that.

This door is locked.

You're no doubt confused, Raghu.

You should have nothing to do with him.

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I don't understand where I went wrong.


Is it baked?

He was absent on the particular day.

The boy was permitted to go with them.

Who's in charge?

My father usually watches television after dinner.


You've got to talk to Roderick.


Put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket.

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To speak the same language doesn't mean having the same opinion.


My efforts have brought me good luck.

Let's schedule a meeting.

Didn't you disregard a stop sign?

He was devoted to medical science.

Tell him that I'll do it.

I'm just doing what needs to be done.

I make it a rule to study math every day.

It would mean a lot to Po if you showed up at his party.

Blair and Matthew enjoyed a quiet moment together.


Raman really enjoys talking with Myrick, doesn't he?

Now Blockhead-Hans came in; he rode his goat right into the hall.

I promised Emily I wouldn't say anything.


Niels abhors horror films.


Changes are taking place.

The statue of limitations has already passed for this crime.

You're not busy, right?

Be there or be square.

Shyam told Drew that she should take an umbrella.

Egoism is the prime cause of cancer of soul.

What else did you miss?

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Stop fighting, you two!

I've got to go do something.

He left on time.


Everything genius is simple.

The mountains in the Himalayas are higher than those in the Andes.

In tennis, you'd call this an unforced error.

Birds have nests, spiders have webs and people have friendships.

I still think Sridharan is innocent.

He sipped the hot coffee slowly.

I'm fed up with your attitude.

Let's all admit that Holly is a pretty good guy.

Pursuant to this law, no one is allowed to kill, except in self-defense.

I have been busy this week.

He had no idea what to expect.

I went through a lot of trouble.

That person will run.

He left everything to her in his will.

English Wikipedia will be unavailable today.

Taurus and Dirk agreed on everything.

Fewer people have come to wear hats after the war.


I thought I could smoke.

Is there any tax on this?

Where is the exit?

I'll be back in time.

Tandy's team was completely outclassed.

Dan had three thousand flying hours.

Take care of that for me, will you?

We've got less than three minutes.

I don't have time to say this twice, so listen carefully.

Don't lie about her.

Laurel invited all the popular guys to her party.


She screamed with horror as someone took hold of her arm.

Whenever I get a large sum of money, I donate some of it to charity.

Even if it's not true, it's a brilliant invention.

I told her we were friends.

Sure, but don't take your time.

The young couple is getting along together.

Don't set the dogs loose.


Many buildings sustained substantial damage.


We're looking for our passports.


You won't be needing this anymore.


She said she was twenty years old, which was not true.

Eddie loved Reid.

How old is this church?

You should stop doing that.

Why don't you go back to the hospital and see how Brett is doing?

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They sought Lin's help.

We have to wait for him.

I want to be with my family.

Jin put his wallet on top of the dresser.

There was something there.

Erwin says it'll only take a minute.

I didn't eat lunch yesterday.

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I'm ready. And you?


We'll phone our mother-in-law.


They'll never make it.


He had his brother help him with the gardening.

We went out for three years.

It is true that Mochida did his best, but he wasn't careful enough.

It's getting harder.

I don't like having my photo taken.

Oliver knew that it was hopeless.

"Come, boy," she called, "come and play."


I've been able to read since I was six years old.


I'll see them later.

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Raphael learned French perfectly studying by himself.


I don't speak Chinese.

Would you mind if I left a little early?

She went to a boarding school in New England.