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Hollywood has extremely easy access to downtown, beaches, the airport, all sporting venues and many other major HALLANDALE attractions. Hollywood is conveniently located near all the best parts of town. You can ask the local community about this property to get information and advice from actual property owners and they’ll say how much they love their surroundings. Please see our availability list for all condos for sale and rent, or Dolichopsyllidae for all details pertaining to our condo homeowner’s association fees and property taxes.

Amazing water and city views from 200 Leslie is why it is considered among the best buildings in Hollywood HALLANDALE Florida. From the Bay the view at this astonishing modern skyline is remarkable, and in return the look from 200 Leslie is just as spectacular. All this new coexistence between new residential and office condos bring a new face and a new energy to HALLANDALE's center. Hollywood offers its residents spectacular restaurants, amazing nightlife, culture, easy banking, great golf and white sand beaches are just a short drive away. If you might be looking for a rental for just a 6 month lease for your summer getaway, please contact one of our leasing experts here and we’ll be sure to answer any of your questions. You have the opportunity here to look at a comprehensive information site that can focus on all your criteria that shows the best condos for sale in Hollywood HALLANDALE. It offers apartments with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms floor plans.