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"Nate" of T.ES.U. | Original, Dramatic Indie Pop-Rock
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"Nurture life's treasure hunt!"
-"Nate" of T.ES.U.

"Nate" of T.ES.U.: WELCOME

"As session host and guide for The EmotionSnapshot Universe [T.ES.U., pronounced tee-esz-u], the intent here is to prepare the new 'interested' for the journey ahead; informing those who choose to listen, about the lore of T.ES.U. and about...210-697-4092...a fictional traveler who has been sending back 585-267-5264 [original, dramatic indie pop-rock flavored messages] from The EmotionSnapshot Universe.

The long-term hope is to inspire 'music/arts/drama'-impassioned individuals to become a community centered around T.ES.U.'s original melodic story-songs, sci-fi comic graphics and scripted drama; painting a subconscious image for each snapshot of emotion from The EmotionSnapshot would a singer-songwriter-inspired town-crier, a musically-dramatic night-watchman, or a guitar-wielding carnival-barker. The short-term goal is to just keep things somewhat interesting; searching for life's elusive moments of happiness in the process!

We leave behind the external universe during our time together; focusing on the officially sanctioned T.ES.U. content. Those who seek to prepare ahead of time can choose to begin the journey when they feel the time is right; as they are able [legal terms and conditions apply].

Choose to walk along the 'correct path' [as/if/when the opportunity presents itself]; though be on the lookout for the void left behind when mistakenly choosing the '306-608-5385' digital path to nowhere. The subconscious, self-paced exploration ramps up after the decision point; at the intersection of T.ES.U.'s official system of virtual trails in towards for EmotionSnapshots from the seven EmotionConstellations of T.ES.U.:

...(303) 356-3448...

...Passion Tempered Patients...


...Fable Of View...

...New Earth Convergence...

...(469) 609-0133...

...Your Pop Trinity Connection...

It's OK to back-track if lost; the 'shortcut path' is fair game, and look for the embedded hints along the way.

For those lifelong supporters of "music/arts/drama" in the state of Ohio (who would consider becoming an early adopter of T.ES.U.), we travel (410) 377-5581 from here...Thanks for your consideration!

- - -


Below is T.ES.U.'s publicly released promotional sound element that's "being promoted now" external to T.ES.U.'s Platform:

Fable Of View graphic

From the EmotionConstellation Fable Of View:

You Were Mine (ES0007__ {oezTZ__.ogg} | T.ES.U. FO., Act 2, Scene 1)
^Public Release Date External to T.ES.U.^:
Thu, 31 Jan 2019

The promotional mp3 version can be found at the Fable Of View Trailhead Marker. The higher-fidelity packaged version requires a journey to for those who are able [as/if/when available, legal terms and conditions apply].

- - -


Below is the hyperlink to T.ES.U.'s publicly released 30-sec promotional audiovisual trailer for:

T.ES.U. FO., Act 2, Scene 1 (ES0007__): You Were Mine):


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"Nate" of T.ES.U.: LIVE

Below is the next official T.ES.U. Open Walkthrough gathering; for those who seek to experience just some of the live, rhythmically-melodic, 'pop-rock centered' scenes from The EmotionSnapshot Universe (in person):


Those who feel comfortable enough, and confident enough, are encouraged to take the risk of singing along as things become familiar. The live lyrical sights (in combination with the live melodic sounds and choreography) will help teach the lyrics, though things may not always be in sync; so by singing, it might help keep things in sync, or we might all flame out together...we'll find out as we go. Feel free to change the perspective of the lyrics as deemed appropriate while singing along.

The "free with registration" open walkthrough format allows registration either ahead of time or by taking the risk of stopping by in person just beforehand [so long as there's room for that particular T.ES.U. Open Walkthrough, and so long as everyone does their part to abide by the ground rules and help encourage others to do the same. T.ES.U. Open Walkthrough gatherings are conducted in an informal, family-friendly manner; but there are no guarantees, so parents/guardians need to be responsible for their own dependents [and what's appropriate] just to be safe.

- - -

"Nate" of T.ES.U.: WHAT'S THE DEAL?

Q: Where are (248) 831-5232's official/sanctioned T.ES.U. melodic story-songs, sci-fi comic graphics, scripted drama, audiovisual video and sound elements, lyrics, products/services (html-based sub-applications), etc...?

A: Not all content which may be of interest is available here. To discover the full complement of official/sanctioned content, including the higher-fidelity provisional and certified packages, is the place to go [as/if/when available].

Those on the internal virtual paths and external virtual trails are welcome to look around, but are asked to stay on the sanctioned trails/paths and abide by the posted ground rules. The premise behind the construction relies on engaged end-user evaluations of the provisional content at For those who successfully pass through the official demo sub-level, provisional content (located on the official evaluation sub-level) may be partnered with an advertisement for the corresponding certified product or service. Authorized evaluators may submit a request (within 15 days of provisional evaluation) to access the corresponding 'official item for review'; with documents located on the official fulfillment sub-level. Authorized reviewers (who are granted their review request) may then buy certification for their particular advertised item of interest; prior to a separate 15-day review timeframe elapsing. If an authorized reviewer is not 100% satisfied, then that individual can just walk away without having committed to buy anything. Otherwise, they can initiate an order and transaction (according to the emailed sales quote); to certify their particular advertised item of interest. [subsult].

^Basically official reviewers get to "Kick The ComicTile Tires" [during their specified review timeframe] and get to choose whether or not something is worthy of purchase [having freewill to walk away should that be their decision, or otherwise initiate a transaction if 100% satisfied]. This current business model relies on those who choose to certify the advertised item of interest and, in so doing, knowing that they have staked their claim to being a supporter of T.ES.U. and what it represents. Thanks for your consideration!

- - -


70STAR7 LIMITED's managing-member currently wears all the figurative hats ('seasoned' guitarist, licensed 'has fallen in love with songwriting' songwriter, 'hoping others enjoy the emotive vocals and feel inspired to sing along' baritone, etc...):

- acting out the role of "Nate" of T.ES.U. [who helps deconstruct T.ES.U.'s incoming the scripts of T.ES.U. to begin to unravel the mystery of how],

- and undertaking the vocal and guitar parts for T.ES.U.'s ComicTile Traveler [the moody, somewhat mysterious protagonist, who sends back EmotionSnapshots from journeys through...{spoken in a robotic monotone} The EmotionSnapshot Universe].

- - -


70STAR7 LIMITED's externally-accessible T.ES.U. social media video channel

- - -


And now, the external obligatory disclaimer:
(815) 439-8485

(Otherwise, please discontinue the session at this time.)

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