It looks like Lar is mad.

They bound the prisoner's arms and legs.

What'll you do to them?

Do you have much to do with your neighbours?


She must've been beautiful when she was young.


They didn't even know how to write their own names.

Woody didn't seem too surprised.

He achieved a throw of seventy meters.

Rajesh knew Lonhyn could speak French fairly well.

Nobody messes with Erick.

Why can't we just leave right now?

I wouldn't like to work in a hospital.

And now I have observed that some felt upleasantly toward me for this reason too.

Do you have a desire to change jobs?

She is called Mei. She is cooking in the kitchen.

I have a big mortgage.


Their job is to organize exhibitions.

Don't let her do it.

Please shave my beard.

The equator divides the earth into two hemispheres.

They say that Carter came to Brazil.


There's nothing you can do to stop Jeffrey from going to Boston.


It's pathetic.

She will never have a second chance to visit Europe.

I know I can win.


Sabrina enjoys reading novels.

He's part of the 1%.

I'll be waiting for the answer.


Are there many tourists in Armenia?

Without a dictionary, it would be hard to study English.

My uncle lived a happy life and died a peaceful death.

She moved in to the new house.

Marcel and Brian demanded better working conditions.

Nowadays coffee is scarce.

My neighbor is nice.


I had him write it.

The barn was empty.

Whoever steals his neighbor's shirt, usually dies without his own.

I wasn't paying attention.

Why don't you just answer the question?

I've heard no complaints.

I ran to the station not to miss the train.


I think you've already met him.

I cannot think any other way.

Norma's very proud of what he's been able to accomplish.


Does that mean you'll have to stay?

Sometimes you don't have to speak the same language to understand each other.

She was eager to feed the birds.

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What happened to the girl you were sharing the bedroom with?


Pieter's trapped.


Curtis is married to a dentist.

I've got to go back.

He is a man of noble birth.

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I wish I could've seen them.


He's a Chinese-American.

Micky and Hartmann want their marriage annulled.

Raj went into the house.


I know this area quite well.


I knew Aaron personally.

How do you intend to do it?

It is hard to combine business with pleasure.

My car collided wih a motorbike.

You didn't tell Art about us, did you?


He reads a great deal.


I feel cooler standing in the shade, rather than out in the sun.

Your arrogance has made you think that everything anyone else does is useless. It's only your work that counts.

How much time and energy do you spend on projects that don't make you any money?

Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?

They never showed up.


They're lucky to be alive.

He's Taro's younger brother.

A cat doesn't accept a master.


Julian is wearing a Halloween costume of some sort, but I'm not sure what he's supposed to be.


Five years have been spent building the new building.


It's a cinch to learn to swim.

What an awful lot of books you have!

Nikolai is quite obnoxious, isn't he?

I have not seen him for a long time.

I cannot let it go unchallenged.

It'll take some time, but I think we can patch things up.

The guitar quartet produced a wonderful concert.


We can't do anything with that one.

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Can I see him now?

He has endured sacrifices for America that most of us cannot begin to imagine.

We had a pleasant evening.

Do you have a fishing boat?

What did you expect to find?

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Nici is just about as old as I am.

I really want to meet Kumiko.

Everyone is ready.

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Another season is over.

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I'm not signing it.

I hear we're going to have a grand toast for the CEO!

He declared that he was innocent.

The air conditioner has got out of order.

I respect the praying mantis as a living creature!

He is chargeable with murder.

Jack is three years older than me.

Our plane took off exactly at 6 p.m.

Lukas never was stupid.

John said, "That's a beautiful tune."

Ole advised Manjeri to leave earlier.

The girl had a long scarf around her neck.

The Diet will meet on Tuesday.

Everyone should periodically receive a physical examination.

You were supposed to write a 300-word essay by today.

As soon as I've grilled the fish, you can taste it.

The President nominated him to be Secretary of State.

"Are you ready?" "I think so."

OK, this next! The combination of this and this might be way sexy!

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Oh, that's crazy.


It's taking longer than I thought it would.


Don't tell anyone that.

The snake is swallowing an egg.

Duke will help us tomorrow.

The Catholic Bible contains everything in the Protestant Bible plus several other books.

I have a deep affection for her.

You are crazy to lend money to him.

Can you give her a ride home?


Did anyone follow you?


I think we have a problem here.

The economy progressed slowly.

I can't afford to make any more mistakes.

Your family is well.

Now the only ones I really like are the Italian sisters, but they won't win.

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All men are created equal.

New Year's arriving.

Barton handed Dori a plain white envelope.

How much fire insurance do you have?

Read this in the evening!

They are persons with no moral conscience.

I'd like to spend more time with my family.

If you see his house, you'll know that he is poor.

Is this a serious matter?

Let me come aboard.

I'll talk with her.

Did Shirley confess to killing Daniel?

I haven't seen Pratt today.

Children always find a reason to make friends.

Randell has the sniffles.


That's wishful thinking at best.

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It just seems unreal.

Just as Japanese boys play baseball, so English boys play cricket.

I totally agree with that.

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The moon emerged from behind the cloud.

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Patricio ran to the door and tried to get out.

Try to stay calm.

If long-term beds are reduced, then it won't be possible to do that and normal sickbeds will also be adversely affected.

I think the only problem I have now is being shut in at home.

You like tigers.

That factory manufactures toys.

The government dispatched missions abroad.

They were outraged.

Mr Tanaka had trained sufficiently.


The category of a hurricane depends on its wind speed.

If you are to succeed, you must start studying now.

When did you begin playing golf?

Dan got a lucky cat figurine from a co-worker for his birthday.

Don't resist.


The need to learn makes us better people.