I can't swim well.

It's gotten cold. Be careful you don't catch a cold.

Don't run so fast!

Spencer signed the petition.


He should have arrived by this time.

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Sean started yelling.

Audrey seemed to be in a big hurry.

She knows who the father is.

I don't think people should make a mountain of a mole hill.

We can't ignore this anymore.

The birdsong was pleasant.

The train was derailed and about thirty passengers were either killed or injured.


Urgent business kept me from coming soon.

I will visit my grandmother's house.

Girls are not welcome.


My cat has a big, white, bushy tail.

Hazel will never find out about what happened.

They sued for peace.

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There's something very wrong here.

I don't understand, what does this change.

Natraj can't leave.


They tried to put us out of business.

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What is your marital status?

I found him sleeping in his house.

Patience is a rare virtue these days.

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Wow, we're finally in Paris. Where should we visit first?

I mean you no harm.

Even a child could do it.


The box is rotten.


She took offence at my word.


When I was a child, I took music lessons.

Ralph has a brother who is an architect.

Sanity can go home.


As our fingers touched, I felt a shiver run through me.

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Shut the door tight.

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Job security is a priority over wages.

Let me take your bag, Jean-Pierre.

He had three bullet wounds in his chest.


Kuma the bear has been wrestling human martial artists to the ground for as long as I can remember.

Dieter didn't try to do anything.

Vernon threw the Bible in the fire.

Bertrand did that on purpose.

I got one for Christmas.

I pruned one.

Good music speaks for itself.

What I can do for you?

There is a danger of serious injuries if these precautions are not followed.

I can't see what it is from here.

Adam is doing the shopping.

I remember meeting Amanda in Boston.

I was a bit shocked.

A good way to boost reading and listening skills in a target language is to read or listen to the news.

You're not doing anything wrong.

He flunked his driving test three times.

There has been a lot of sickness in my family this winter.

The Army Air Corps, which became the U.S. Air Force, began in 1918.

Don't find fault with others.

Hsuan said he couldn't wait.

With so much damage to the wing, the pilot can't control the plane.

Dan immediately took a liking to Linda.

I can give you my schedule if you need it.

He couldn't come because he was ill.

I'm not bluffing.

The gun is jammed.

For one thing, I'm busy; for another, I'm not interested.

Piercarlo was in Boston last week, but I don't know if he's still there.

Oskar picked the diamond up and looked at it.


I'll tell him you said so.


That, of course, does not mean that they are right.

Damn... This is going to be a very long week...

For my birthday I got a music box.

Only those who have experience the love and warmth of the home, understand the beauty and the suffering in the world.

Make sure you tell them.

The ship was sailing at full speed.

Good morning, my sweet dog.

He can't drive.

Helge has a lot of money in the bank.

Nguyen's cellphone rang.

I request that your brothers be good and diligent.

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Murthy said he used to know Knute.


May I remind you of your promise?

Looks like we're in a fine mess now.

The children were so noisy that I couldn't study.

She was surprised by what she learned.

When I'm sad, my friends encourage me.

Before going to work in Paris, I have to brush up on my French.

What was it like living in Australia?


Children should only speak when they're spoken to.

Heather couldn't say anything.

I already feel like things are getting better.

Lewis has a sore back.

While he likes English, he is weak in mathematics.

Does Pete make his bed every morning?

I want this work done by next Thursday.

I had to lend to him money.

I've done all I can here.

"I can't believe that you snuck into the castle!", said the princess.

Barney is a warrior.


The students learned many poems by heart.

Major doesn't know why Chet is mad at him.

"May I have one as well?" "Yes, certainly. Today's on the company after all."


If Tricia had a lot of money, he wouldn't have to worry about this.

She explained the reason why she was late.

He muttered a curse.

Nguyen's parents think Ram is still too young to have a girlfriend.

Vickie is the only one who loves me.

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I want to make sure nothing's broken.


We were driving down the road when we saw Suyog.

But unfortunately, this will not occur very soon.

Inflation is down.

Jim's college boasts the finest view in the city.

Do you think this is easy for me?

Cut it with the knife.

According to Sigurd, Lucius has sold her car.

I'm going to have some fun.

Did you really threaten to kill Nguyen?


What did Father say about it?

I'm not going to press charges.

Your idea has no foundation at all.

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Everything sucks.

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Who's your favorite jazz singer?

Instead of going back to the party, why don't we go to my place?

Magda marries a Spaniard.

Don't believe what he says.

We met a few weeks ago.

Nici has to go to a hospital.

With time on our hands now, let's do some good.


Marco gave us everything he had.

Cool off!

She is the woman to whom I gave the gift.

Don't you agree to this plan?

Jerry wanted to become a carpenter like his father.

Trent isn't going to make it on time.

It doesn't really sound like you want my help.

This writer is at his best in his short stories.

I got them to buy what I needed.


It never occurred to me that she was ill in hospital.

Call him.

I would love even a dictionary with less than a hundred thousand entries.


Come if you can.

Wes was out of control.

Tolerant is young.

The ticket booth is not always open.

Can I speak with you a moment?


You can't be too careful these days.

Caroline is probably over thirty.

The term 'greenhouse effect' is often used when people talk about global changes of climate nowadays.

I've got them working on it.

We're just chilling.

It is advisable to take the train.

I gave it up after my father had given me a good scolding.


That's what friends are for.

If it were not for air, we could not live on the earth.

Could you tell me how to get to the station?


It's on the tip of my tongue.


She saw the shabby little house, but she didn't hurry by.

Ron definitely knows that he shouldn't be doing that.

This story has an unhappy ending.


I have six mouths to feed.

The treaty bans atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs.

Are you still happy?

I need to check on the cake.

Should we get him?

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Albert shredded the lettuce.