You may rest assured that we shall do all we can.

The boy likes walking around the sofa store.

His speech contained many fine phrases.

I confess that I am guilty.


He died before the rescuers arrived.

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How exactly would that work?

I told you I loved you.

Dominick and Amarth plan to get married after college.


The landlord won't permit him to paint the door red.

My boyfriend is smart, handsome, and friendly too.

How fast he can run!

How exactly did Skeeter get injured?

Doyle certainly fooled them.


A language is not something you learn all at once.

I'm anxious whether I'll do well at this new job.

What snacks do you have?

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I'm sure I can overcome any difficulty.

That song was written by Winston.

Working hard made Jack what he is.


Three of my children died.

Jane always pretended that she was very rich.

I demoted you.

I didn't know you couldn't sing.

I just need one more.

There was a large audience in the concert hall.

When will you ever learn?


I met him when I was in Boston.

An orange tree provides an orange.

Do you know the right words?

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The princess lay with her eyes closed.

This is a work from Turner's mature period.

It happened before I met her.

I told Amir to leave.

He works frantically to achieve his goal.

Revised is very worried.

"Did he kiss you?" "No, I kissed him!"

She pried open the door.

These colors harmonize very well.

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Do you want to stay any longer?

Don't make a fool of the poor.

The responsibility sat heavily on her.

I don't want to see him at all.

We'll call if we have any further questions.


Keep an eye on the bags.

He's putting on a coat.

Norma told Herve the bad news.

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What's in your bag?

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I'll never talk to you again.

She depressed the keys of the piano.

Someone should tell him.

There's a phone call for you!

Is it included in the price?

She takes pride in her son.

That rich family has many servants.

It's impossible not to be fascinated by her beauty.

I can describe China, especially in relation to big cities like Beijing, in one sentence - China is a country whose pace of life is both fast and leisurely.

Billie and Ramadoss are going through a rather messy divorce at the moment.

Your hands are filthy.

There's no escape.

Anthony's house is completely destroyed.

They said they never saw you.

OK, I think I got it.

I keep trying to fix it, but it's still not working.

She is swimming.


Malus knows all about us.

The discovery of electricity changed our history.

Today, many problems were encountered.

We'll look after Ragnar.

Toft tried to compose himself.

I intend to speak more than 20 languages by 2015.

Jeff wore the tie which Kim had given him for a birthday present.


The museum is worth a visit.


Vaughn remained outside.

He asked the general to recall his order.

I don't know what's best.

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Do they think Ramsey kissed Will?

Ann cannot manage to find a job.

I think it's great to go walking.

When they arrived in the town they found it easy to make friends.

That cloth feels nice to the touch.

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Would you take a message, please?

Hurray for Italian women!

I haven't yet met the family Gerald lived with in Boston.

Everyone has their own way.

She called him every other day.


They adopted the orphan.

Don't be so hard on me.

Doyle's wearing a new coat.

We don't want you to feel pressured.

I know it sounds familiar.

Today's pigs are tomorrow's hams.

Yesterday I met Darryl on the street.

My telephone number is 789.

He shook hands with the girl.

I'll take you to your quarters.

A captain sometimes goes to Davy Jones' locker with his ship.

The temperature of the oil went up to 165 degrees Celsius.

To my amazement she came first.

When her husband died, she felt like killing herself.

I want you to have a job that you love.

She was injured in the traffic accident.

Don't fire Jisheng.

We'll always have to be careful not to let this happen again.

I know that you're very angry.

I like to go out to the sports field every Thursday.

I have friends there who'll help me.

You can't apply this theory to this case.

Do you ever buy raffle tickets?

You should be careful not to become overconfident.

Let me speak, please.


Eddy tried to make sure that everyone had a good time at the party.

This morning he said that he is leaving for Nara tomorrow.

All her photos have watermarks.


Most women enjoy shopping.

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She would keep interrupting me.


I like your new hair color.

Do you really think I'd rather live in Boston than Chicago?

I dropped her off at the airport.


Claudia became a famous actor.

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Tricia is concerned about climate change.

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I can't just leave. I have to tell the boss I'm leaving.

Some doctors say something to please their patients.

She cared for the children out of charity.

Amanda shouldn't have compared his teacher to Hitler.

My grandmother can ride a motorcycle.


Arthur said he would buy it.

I told Knut we should've contacted you before coming.

O that I had never left Skyros.

Why did you interfere in an affair that did not concern you at all?

I don't get Japanese language grammatical structure.


Pablo asked Sheila to stop the car.

You'll like it, believe me.

I can't imagine my life without Archie.


Beverly was all alone.

Anthony doesn't know why Leila was late.

They're using you.

Chances of promotion are slim in this firm.

I count on Stacey.


Can somebody get that?

He squashed my hat flat.

Lawrence will never figure this out.

This watch is superior to that one.

Can you finish this in three days?

I haven't heard from Reid in quite some time.

Which tooth hurts?


A balloon is ascending into the sky.

We need this.

Roxanne has to go to work.

I can see how you'd call him a famous personality.

Let's pay Steven a visit.

You should suggest something like these to Kari.

Roy decided to enlist in the army.

I don't want to waste my time on this.

Everyone has their own strong and weak points.

Those children have limited verbal skills.

I'm just trying to do what's right.


Do you really want to keep washing dishes for the rest of your life?

The front of Sean's shirt was stained with blood from a gunshot wound.

What proof is there?

She exercises every day at a fitness club.

I missed them.

He wouldn't mention the plan.

I don't burn them.

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Not to ask is not to be denied.

Did they hurt you?

I like dogs more than cats.

I'd like to see her now.

We had nothing to lose.