The point at issue is not her ability but her character.

I bought this book at Maruzen Bookstore.

Did you have something you wanted to say?

That place's food is delicious and their prices are low. However, their location isn't good.

William blamed himself for Jane's death.

In 1974, the Nobel Prize in physics was jointly awarded to astronomers Antony Hewish and Sir Martin Ryle. Antony Hewish was honored for the discovery of pulsars. Many have argued that Jocelyn Bell Burnell should have shared that honor.

I just wanted to be sure.

We're doing fine.

I like the Japanese custom of offering guests moist towels, called oshibori.


Aren't you going to report it?

Compare the style of those three letters.

Clearly you are mistaken.

Thank you for your business. Please come again!

Nobody hears about my country.

That helps out a lot.

You have the same camera as mine.

The anthropologist delivered a lecture on primitive cultures.

They indulged in mahjong.


Please let me know if I can provide you with any further information, or if you would like to contact me with any questions.

You know I'm always interested in hearing more about that subject.

It worked.

Ask Mrs. Iguana how her back is, and she says it's softer than silk.

How did you lose so much weight?

I will get up before the day is breaking.

Hirofumi knew that Terri wanted him to go to Boston with her.


Do you think Lex and Maria go to the same school?

Miracles, in the sense of phenomena we cannot explain, surround us on every hand: life itself is the miracle of miracles.

In the collision with a Volvo, our car naturally got the worst of it.

Mayuko denied the rumor.

They shut up.

This is the way it must be.

I'd appreciate it if you didn't mention this to anyone.

Don't you think it's creepy?

We parked our car in a free parking lot.

He has two sons that don't go to school yet.

Were you on duty when it happened?

The girl is blind from birth.

Only seven Senators remained undecided.

Greg admitted it was a stupid idea.

He thought it would be wise to accept the offer.

Many a man has failed.

You're belligerent.

Erik and Meeks left Boston at the end of October.

It goes without saying that at that time a kind of friendship beyond master and disciple grew between the two of them.

He gazed down at her and smiled.

We usually win.

I want to hear what everyone has to say.

Let's wait and see if that happens.

Is there an information counter?

Go tell George how you feel.

It's unlikely to rain tomorrow.

Dick and Gigi both want to go.

Sridhar became the treasurer.

He has great ambitions, but we should all follow and see if the dreams are going to be fulfilled.

The doctor's presence has been requested elsewhere.

My pillow was drenched with tears.

I'm not going to drink this.

How many times do you have to go to the dentist?


Moral justice cannot take the innocent for the guilty even if the innocent would offer itself.

Don't trust anyone here.

Do you want to come over to my place and watch Netflix or something?

Do you have anything particular to do on Sunday?

What is the acreage of your ranch?

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I didn't hurt that reporter. You're trying to make me look like the bad guy in the story.

Arne decided it was time to go home.

They're Russian.

I read the book after I had finished my homework.

I just wanted to be with her.

Did you actually see Teresa do it?

I thought you weren't coming here until this afternoon.

Have you seen enough?

We were talking about them.

Did you want to see me?

They went on working for hours.


What do you say we ditch this bozo and have some fun?


Thierry whipped out his cellphone to take a picture.

We need to rest.

I appreciate your graciousness and efforts on my behalf.

When the teacher started shouting, they dropped what they were doing and ran out.

Nora never forgets a name or a face.

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Please change this for a blue one.

I'd like to be called Victoria.

I'm afraid he is ill.


Have you been here the entire time?


Can you do anything?

What was the use?

He came all the way from abroad.

Today is an unlucky day, isn't it?

The young engineer was deficient in experience.


We must have seen a thousand pronghorn on the drive across Kansas.

Well, we'll see what happens.

I need a week.


I wouldn't let that bother you.

Time travel is really cool.

The cup is made of gold.

I don't think that's funny at all.

We've had nice weather for a while now.


Your life depends on it.

He is very rich, but he is none the happier for his wealth.

I, too, am not a student.

I don't need to eat in a restaurant.

Please give me this money.


The children were playing in the park.

He wants to sell his car, and I want to buy one.

I speak French every day.

He is the essence of kindness.

I should've checked.

Caleb baked Edward a cake for her party.

The crowd clapped.

What an interesting party!

Her breasts don't give much milk yet.


The advancement of modern medicine was a long process.

This maneuver was improvised.

He was lying in bed on his back.

He is familiar with this computer.

Give him something to eat.

She folded her handkerchief neatly.

No matter how many flowers you give me, I won't go out with you.

Wade's a nice boy.

The house is in the village.

If they can get both a forged card and its PIN then all the cash in the bank account will be withdrawn.

He never gets up early in the morning.

They aimed their guns at Frances.

This room is very small, so it is impossible to put more furniture in it.

He delegated his authority to his competent assistant.

He has to make a speech at the party.

I did as I was told.

I can be very persistent.

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Morgan heard a noise behind him and turned around.

The ceremony was held in honor of the guest from China.

Barney is my patient.

And then Pieter leaned over and said something in Stanley's ear.

You're a good journalist.


As compared with his father, he is lacking in depth.

They murdered her.

Ric has been spotted.

You didn't do enough research.

He lost everything.

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Sometimes I write longer sentences because they offer more information or context and are useful to work out the meaning of words.

I don't see Rayan anywhere.

What's this about, Serdar?

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The sun having set, they left off their work.

I have won.

Lynnette took up hang gliding.

Sedovic and Manny were in love with each other.

This is the bar where I drank my first beer.

Annie didn't stay out for long.

I have to help.


How were your last exams?

It's only a guess.

It's a dog and pony show.


The disabled considered her their best advocate.

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He was well built, if not fat as such.


I feel I've already won.


You must obey the traffic rules.


It's pretty heavy.

Grace has a very high opinion of you.

Vladimir looks much younger than he really is.

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I should get back to work.

It comes with soup or salad.

Do you go shopping every day?


The sun is shining above our heads.


Who was it that forgot to lock the door of the warehouse?

There are 43 prefectures in Japan.

"You're here to pay your taxes?" "Not quite." "Gwonam! I thought you were on vacation!"


Thank you and goodbye!

Jock told me all about you.

I gave Werner a mild sedative.


You should keep your promises.