It's not something I think I can do.

Many parents take pride in their children.


We had a 'come to Jesus' meeting at the office over the bickering and fighting.


Don't feel bad.


Christina put the car in gear.

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Your breakfast is ready. Don't let it get cold.


I think I'm going back to sleep.

I won't tolerate such language!

He can no more swim than a hammer can.


That couldn't happen.

Who was here yesterday?

The people of Massachusetts were extremely angry.

I'll work as long as I live.

Do you drink rum and Coke?

Let's slow down.

Can I watch football with you again next Sunday?

This road is under repair.

What were you doing together?

I don't believe that.

Andreas doesn't feel like talking to Don tonight.


Can you explain that?


I feel like going to the pool.

I think you might be overreacting.

We didn't start the fire.

Mann-Witney U test, Independent two-sample t test, Fisher's Exact Test and Pearson Chi-Square Test were used in analyses.

My parents think I'm studying medicine.

I will go to Ireland this summer.

Many consumers are concerned about the health risks of genetically modified food.

It's all very nice to be polite and all that, but truth is truth.

That isn't what I'm looking for.

Greetings, old friend!

I know what I need to do.

I like cold pizza.

I'm going to jail.

I'd also like to have a try.

She is five years old.

She tried to prevent the rumor from spreading.

Her eyes widened.


Jury deliberations will begin Monday.

These figures are beyond human understanding.

What is important for you?

They won the match.

Let's get her out of there.


They know we're here.

The Mayor addressed a large audience.

Lisa looks very tired.

Huashi's disappointment was obvious.

You can also use the Ctrl+Alt+R keyboard shortcut.

He raced down the street.

I wish I didn't have to go.

This is a very tall tree.

He is taller than I by two inches.

It's really difficult to survive in a big city like Tokyo without endebting oneself.

This'll only take a minute.

I brought you something.

I want you to tell Craig to go home.


I want more people to get involved.

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I do want to go to Italy.

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Dimitry went to bed early.


What was Elliott looking for out there in the backyard?

He went back to the hotel.

Dan persuaded Linda to leave Britain with him.

I'm pretty demanding.

Her mother made her a new dress.

I think you look beautiful.

Use a rake and rake up the leaves in the yard.

The president proposed a new plan.

Some say that every hour in bed before midnight is worth two hours after midnight.

There was some trouble the day he moved in.

I wonder if the first week or so of July is too early to go to the beach.

Everyone gossips.

Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.

I couldn't have said it any better myself.

He can swim.


Right now, that's the least of our problems.

That man looks vaguely familiar.

I'll take you on at tennis.

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Readers formulate expectations as to what might be happening at subsequent stages of texts.

We've got to stop her.

It's been a while since I've ridden a horse.

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The banks aren't open on Saturdays.

Which side is winning this time?

The two teams fought very hard.

This is the door. I expect you to use it.

Gilles is the maid of honor.

The pilot raced for Ferrari from 1995 to 1999.

I want to buy a more expensive watch.

A man's happiness doesn't depend on what he has, but on what he is.

I went to Harvard.


I think it's really important for you to visit Raymond in the hospital.

We're not going to let her die.

Kevin was scolded by his boss getting to work late.

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It no longer seems to be a perfect circle.

The police shot Norma's tires out.

I promise you I won't do anything to harm you.

I don't take things for granted.

They are organizing politically and working to ensure that they are respected and valued.


Can I have a towel, please?


The elephant is the largest land animal.

Can't you see we're very busy?

Rob drank three cocktails.

I knew it wouldn't work.

It's cool this morning, isn't it?

There's narrow road to the village.

I wake up at the sound of the alarm.

I love cooking.

Why don't you want to tell us the truth?

We spent too much for the Christmas presents.

Today is hot so we can swim in the ocean.

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Sport means health.


Conrad tried to use reverse psychology on Nadeem.

I was really flabbergasted when I heard the news from Jane.

He was out of shape when he took a long hike with his sons, and he was stiff and sore the next day.

I'm going to put my name on it.

It's fine, just make sure you don't say that again.

Norma said the same thing about you.

Don't get off while the vehicle is in motion.

Don't make that face or it will freeze that way.

We all know her.


Travis lives with his father.

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Are you coming with me or not?


It's less than three hours from here.

Ping asked me if I had already paid the bill.

Brasilia is the capital of Brazil.

Helge used to play soccer.

He called me a cab.

The movement of South Africa can no longer suppress the movement for equality.

These fireworks are spectacular!

Don't feel bad.

I have a friend who's a vegetarian.

Our financial problems are serious.

My friends urged me to write my memoirs.

She did not so much as cast glance at me.

I still have some money in hand.

Miltos didn't like the way Miltos ironed his clothes.

This is a very interesting investment opportunity.

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Please don't ask.

I'm a fan of Uruguay's president.

What does Jean-Pierre do now?

I'm very grateful for your support.

Is Ronald done?


They scorned our attempts at reconciliation.

Now that I'm here, the problem is as good as solved.

I was feeling the same.

I smoked in my youth.

He knows all the answers.


How many volcanoes are there on this island?


Try to avoid bad company.

I asked them to join us.

Why don't you say it in Berber?

I know you'll enjoy the food at Chuck's Diner.

Where are her sentences?

I knew exactly what to do.

I really thought Jennifer was dead.

What's going on back here?

Will you please just wait a minute?

Do you want to try that again?

Try this!


I will give you five dollars.

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Excuse me. How often do shuttle buses run to downtown New York?

Do you plan on taking part in the interview?

He has just come home.

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This is just my opinion.


We won't know.

Why do you want to hurt him?

This is the very book I have been looking for.