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Naomi knows that's true.


What makes you think Helen won't be here today?

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I stood on a chair so I could reach the top shelf.

Most Americans can speak English.

Nikolai didn't notice how Roman was dressed.

All good things must come to an end.

It might explode.

The United Nations have proclaimed vast lists of human rights, but the great majority of humanity have no other than the rights to see, hear and stay quiet.

Your office is on my way home.

You guys can do it if you try.

Our teachers say ours is the best school in the state, and in a way, it is.

Among my cousins, you know, there's a girl with the most enormous breasts.

Don't you ever give your dog a bath?

It will clear up by and by.

Either Clifford or I must go.

Knowledge without common sense will lead you nowhere.

Try to read as many books as possible.

This may take a while.

Where is the railroad station?

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Sam shut the window.

She had her head covered by a mantilla.

When will the Japanese classes start?


She went to a boarding school in New England.

You're welcome to come along.

He turned down their invitation.

It's not that you're disturbing me, don't get it wrong.

Nadeem was courteous.

I've already called her.

I ate something funny when I was in China.

Your right taillight is busted.

You haven't changed and you never will.

Nobody could say no to Seenu.

I don't want to be judged just by my appearance.

I have wonderful news for all of you.

He has a considerable income.

I'll stay here as long as I can.

Were you planning something special?


She took control of the situation.

My friends always say I'm too reserved, but my family always says I'm too much of a bore.

Why would I be mad?

Nancy cannot have told a lie.

Hi, could you move? We're about to have a meeting here.

This is my CD.

Use them wisely.

In case something happens to me, I'd like you to take care of my children.

We've seen aliens.

When I accidentally stood on the cat's tail, she hissed at me and raced out of the room.

Svante posted the picture on her wall.

He's friendly with everyone in his class.

We know what you did last night.

Jussi always looks a bit pale.

Isn't Leora supposed to be doing his homework now?


If it's convenient, please come here tonight.


Isn't everything beautiful?

This isn't a real diamond.

Murat had a minor stroke.

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She is congenitally disabled.

Is she a girl or a woman?

It is very important that you wash your hands thoroughly after changing a baby's diaper.

Not all of us can speak French.

I don't like to be touched.

Please mark the correct answer.

Walking to work in this heat isn't a good idea.


I received my bonus.


Even though we lost the game, I have to say that we played the better football.

Jeff didn't get off the airplane with the rest of the passengers.

Cutting school is the first stage of delinquency.


What are you grinning at?

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The warehouse was empty except for a piece of furniture.

Where do babies come from?

You intimidate us.


Time and space are one body, mind and things sustain each other.

I want you to go to Boston.

She spoke in a weak voice.

Ramiro introduced himself to the rest of the class.

We've got three whole hours.


Ask me whenever you're in doubt.

I'm coming right over.

What he said yesterday is not consistent with what he said last week.

Many people hang flags on the National Holiday.

All Herve can think about is Morgan.

I've never seen one before.

You saved our lives.

Van cheated on his history test.

No sooner had she found him than she burst into tears.

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He has published many papers on the subject.

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The climate here is very similar to that of England.

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I feel there is just no way out.

Don't tell me you dated Ti.

Randolph gave up hope a long time ago.

Have I left anything out?

I don't think it's reasonable.

What did you tell Valerie about it?

You all look so busy.

She gave it to me.

I don't know who you are anymore.

To take good pictures there are some knacks to learn and a little trick.

Kory wouldn't help me.


Noemi knew all that.

George sent me a birthday card.

I have two female cats.

Niels doesn't have to do it, but you should.

I have a feeling that Willie wants to call the cops.

Don't let yourself be troubled by the thought of her.

Two thousand pupils attend school.

What have I done to deserve this?

How do you explain that?

If somebody is in trouble, many ones will do harm to him.

He shouldn't have done that.


There are more stars in the sky than I can count.

Where did you learn to dance like this?

Have you ever been in trouble with the law?

The letter was wrongly addressed.

I'll tell you my story.

You should make your attitude clear.

I don't remember doing anything like that.

What are you people sitting around for?

Nothing new on the Western Front.

Good morning, you sleepy head.

Nici ignored Margaret almost all day, but finally talked to her just after dinner.


We are better off than we used to be.

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The police have one of the kidnappers in custody.

Much better to be woken by the birds than by an alarm.

That's not cheap.


Bret returned the book to the library.

Is that what you're going to tell Mickey?

There's no reason for me to stay.


Salt water baths can help reduce arthritis pain.

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Kevan is quite likable.

What's the best way to learn a foreign language?

A turbofan engine is the most modern variation of the basic gas turbine engine.

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Lisa had a coughing spell.

Doesn't Johnathan like girls?

I got a famous singer's autograph.

Edmund gave me a dirty look.

Sedovic asked me to ask you.


I'll give you as much time as you need.

I don't want to hurt you.

I don't intend to do so.


Eli should be afraid.

His attempt proved to be a failure.

Naim didn't plan to go to Boston.


I really do want to get to know Kees better.

You've stalled the engine.

He can't help making fun of others.

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He was in the world.


Hugh doesn't need to go to the store.


I live miles away from the nearest station.

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I'm going to miss our lunches together.

He got a broken jaw and lost some teeth.

How much money does Jenine need to borrow?

Ram confessed to stealing the jewelry.

Is it dangerous?

I'd like to learn to play the harp.

I have a giant stuffed panda bear.

I'm the killer.

I felt dirty and ashamed.

The police think they caught the guy who did it.

They're no competition; our team can beat them hands down.

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Ivan the Terrible killed his son in 1581.


The fact was of interest to the scientists.

Amir is a Muslim.

The silence and stealth of a hungry cat.

What should we wear?

The newer cars are at least ten thousand dollars more expensive than the earlier ones from the nineties.