I don't want to wait for you.

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I ordered the book from England.

I've known you for years.

Sarah said it could take a fews hours to do it.


I heard that boy traveled from Hokkaido to Kyushu on bicycle.

I thought Claire had gone to Boston.

The fish are dying, the Canadians say, because of what's known as acid rain.


I'm assuming you have a plan.

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Michel is too young to drive a car.


It's still snowing.

Are there any liquids or sharp objects in your luggage?

We should talk about this some more.


I came here of my own free will.

I think you went too far.

I took a taxi from the train station to the hotel.

It was very painful.

Face life with a smile!

Never have I seen such a beautiful rainbow.

There is no telling what will happen in the future.

No one will be fired.

We'll stop you.

After the fight, they lost contact entirely.

My significant other works at a language school and loves it very much.


Why do you dislike Roxanne so much?

I write articles regularly.

How will you manage without a job?

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Dominick wore a beautiful dress.


Life is rarely fair.

His salary enables him to live in comfort.

It's your responsibility to do that.

He could ski well when he was young.

It was very good.

I'll tell you all about it sometime.

This book is quite above me.

A trilogy usually has three parts.

Why don't you go see her?

Shahid is very depressed.

I made the salad. Did you like it?

That was a mediocre movie with mediocre actors.

She is an expert typist.

Torsten and his friends are playing poker.

Mike likes cats.

You're too young to remember the nineties.

You should've seen Anna run.

Did you understand what he said?

Harold made good use of the money we lent him.

Philippe tried to look like he wasn't scared.

Go straight on, and you will find the store.

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Izzy started playing.


Donnie got a promotion.


Sanand walked down the stairs.


One of the professors whispered.

To where does this road lead?

We're going to eat a lot tonight so I hope you're not on a diet.


I'm sorry I can't put you up tonight.


Kimberly hoped he'd have time to eat before he had to leave.

Thanks again for coming.

Magda will be married to a Spaniard.

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Take any two cards you like.

Let's see if we can work out our problems by ourselves.

I am up to my neck in work.

What do I get?

Don't let anyone pass.

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Margaret is upstairs in his bedroom.

I have not read the document but diagonally.

I will accomplish that no matter what the cost.

I hope we will get to the bottom of this mystery together.

Nowadays, commuters take traffic jams for granted.

I thought you weren't going to make it.

Seriously? I haven't noticed.

Joel doesn't mind what people say about Konstantinos.

Mario wants us to go to church.

It's a pretty simple concept.

As far as I know, he is a reliable person.

We've only known each other for three months.

I am a cat person.

Between ourselves, I think he is rather stupid.

I don't want to be chosen.

Are you going to see Samuel again tonight?

Sehyo told Helge he was busy.


I'm one of the lucky ones.

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I know someone who can help you.

It was a good example.

There's my ride.

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There are just the two of us here.


Although studying Chinese seems difficult, it's simpler than you think.

I told Troy that the party wouldn't be much fun.

They chatted a little bit more and then said goodbye.

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No single speech can eradicate years of mistrust, nor can I answer in the time that I have all the complex questions that brought us to this point.

Are you going to warn them?

Sarah doesn't drink much beer, but he sure drinks a lot of wine.


I get bored quickly in everything I do.


Hold the eggs tight or you'll break them.


The difficulty with biography is that it is partly record and partly art.

It was very important to her which was the more beautiful of the two.

I'll see if I can find a cab.

My initials are on my briefcase.

I don't intend to use this any longer.

How many girlfriends are you planning to have?

I don't get out much.


Jim put his hand up.

I need to buy some medicine for my father.

When did Debbie come back from Boston?

I bought a camera for thirty dollars.

The blind laughs at the lame


I suppose I'll get used to this eventually.

How many times do I have to tell you that Tatoeba is not a human being?

Sean wanted to say goodbye.

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I was just fooling around.

Do you think Blair is unreliable?

Let's not waste what little time we have.


Admitting you have a problem is the first step.


Jeans can cause infertility for men.

Darci is an intelligent man.

How did you support yourself?


Debbie said you were in Australia for three years.

They sounded the alarm when they saw the enemy approaching.

Another ten minutes drive will take you to the seashore.

She is too meek.

Do you think this looks like Ellen's handwriting?

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We all noticed it.


Don't make sport of her.

I'm not having you boss me around, man.

She advised the others on that matter.

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This is enlightening.


I don't mind if I get wet.

Her friend waited for her by the gate.

Sorry for the late reply.

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I haven't slept so well for months.

The time will come when you will understand this.

This book has lots of pretty picures.

I quit playing soccer.

We only believe in those who believe in themselves.

The steering wheels on American cars are on the left side.

They went crazy.

Do something for the bleeding from the wound.

They had to be turned away from the theater.

It's very satisfying.

You're the only person I know here.

There are two hundred pages.

Are there movies in an airplane?


I don't have a headache.


He particularly insisted on this.

Where have you hidden the Christmas present?

Tell Luis what he should do.

Does anyone have some moisturizing cream?

You frightened Hohn.

What was Lisa doing in your room?

Did you notice that he left home?

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No rain is expected.

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Why didn't you tell us about this sooner?

Fortunately, they were able to escape.

I don't give second chances.

Al listened to me.

Michael caught me.

I owe Jinny money.

OK, I'll stop worrying now.

Let's discuss what happened last night.

We've seen this happen before.