Share everyday moments in the moment


Share Videos Live or Later With a Friend or a Group

Share live video privately by selecting individual friends or a group to share with. You can even add friends to share with while you're recording or after you're done. Only people you select can watch the video.


Capture High Quality Video of Any Length & See Live Interactions

Capture everyday moments with quick access to the camera that enables you to record high quality video of any length regardless of your internet connection. No more lost moments due to lost connections. You'll also see when friends are watching or commenting while you're sharing live.


Send Video with SMS

You can send video with your friends who aren't on Alively yet through SMS, which will send them a text with the video caption and link where they can watch the video on a mobile page.


Watch Videos Being Shared Live or On Your Own Time

You can watch videos from friends as they're sharing live or catch them later so you don't have to miss a moment. When you add comments while the video is live, friends will see them as they're recording live.


Upload & Share Videos From Your Phone

Upload videos from your phone to share them with your friends or free up space on your phone.


Save Space On Your Phone

Store all your videos in the cloud without using up device memory. Watch and share your videos at anytime on your profile.